Saturday, February 17, 2018

Which brave 'celeb' on Twitter will call for Drone Control? (Don't hold your breath)

Do you know how many civilians were killed by US air strikes in Iraq and Syria in 2017?

5,000 is a conservative number.


Oh, look, the fake ass Milaon's out:

  1. More of this please.

Alyssa isn't part of the child trafficking -- not  anymore.  Those youth parties of her teen days -- that she pretends today to be unknowing of -- she was just having soda you understand and trying to protect herself -- although the parties were thrown by men who were into boys so there wasn't a great need to protect herself -- but whatever.

She went on to pretend to be a defender of children -- with UNICEF.

Why the hell would this fake ass ever allowed partner with UNICEF?

Gun control she wants.

Drone control?

Not so much from our aging whore.

She's perfectly fine with children suffering.

Give her another soda pop and tell her it's a party.

That'll help her enjoy the suffering even more.

When all the fake asses want to call for an end to drones, I'll believe they're not all hypocrites.

But children in Iraq die every day.  Fifteen years next month, fifteen years for this illegal war that the US government started.

But don't bother Alyssa or Meryl or any other fake asses because they won't say one damn word.

They're fake asses.

They shed crocodile tears -- that is, they shed crocodile tears when they think the cameras might catch them.

Fake asses.

And they keep the wars going.

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