Thursday, March 29, 2018

Kevin de Leon focuses on building California's economy, creating new and good-paying jobs and protecting workers' right to unionize

Kevin de Leon is running for the US Senate.  In June, California holds its primary and the top two vote getters -- regardless of party i.d. -- move on to the November general election.

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    I'm running for the U.S. Senate because you deserve a seat at the table. Please join my campaign:
  • . wants to roll back clean car standards that would hurt every single Californian. This would drive up gas costs, create more respiratory illness, and accelerate climate change - just to enrich his oil industry friends. Enough:
  • I'm grateful to have the support of CA . Together we'll continue to grow our economy and create new jobs. Workers are sticking together no matter what, and I'll be with them every step of the way.
  • ., your Department of Justice is a mess because you drag our nation through so many injustices. Just like your Muslim Ban failed, your other discriminatory efforts like the Trans Ban and Sanctuary City Ban will fail too. Love will always Trump Hate.
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    Emissions are out we saving the planet all 2018 so mandate it. Chevy Volt the new Bugatti mandate it.
  • While California as a whole may be progressive, repeated attacks on hardworking immigrants to portray them as criminals are a stain on California’s history. The people of Orange County deserve better.
  • I am confident the courts will reject this challenge to now, just as they rejected the mean-spirited Prop 187 in 1997.
  • This kind of obsessive immigrant bashing is embarrassing to the county and its residents, and seems designed by the Republican Supervisors to court the approval of a racist President and his cronies.
  • The Republican-controlled Board of Supervisors in the county that gave us Prop 187 more than two decades ago is at it again with another unconstitutional attack on our immigrant communities.
  • The wants to add a question to the that would intimidate and disenfranchise people of color. It's an unconstitutional attack on the integrity of our democracy, and California won't stand for it. We're fighting back.