Saturday, March 31, 2018

'There were no clashes in Gaza. One side was armed. The other wasn't.' (Margaret Kimberley)

Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley:

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    Just as kids here fear , kids in war zones fear air strikes. If you support safe children here, then why is it ok to kill them in other places? Let’s replace with .
  2. were all victims of American terror. My latest column.
  3. That’s because most losers disappear. Political losers are supposed to do that. Disappear.
  4. Britain’s reparations payment to slave holders was do big that it was still being paid for in the 21st century, nearly 200 years later.
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    That’s because nobody else has ever gone on a blame tour where they kept unintentionally reminding people exactly how out of touch their party is.
  6. There were no clashes in . One side was armed. The other wasn’t. That is not a clash. It is a massacre.
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    Good news as Yulia Skripal is reported as recovering well. We insist on the right to see her, in accordance with the 1968 Consular Convention.
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    Let’s get real = let’s get obsessed with external forces with little effect on us instead of gazing at the rot within. Liberals haven’t recovered from Hillary’s loss.
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    Really want to stop all forms of violence? Help build a movement for peace & social justice, support Black Alliance for Peace. BAP doesn't have corporate or democrat party aligned foundation support, we just depend on the people. :
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    I support authentic, independent opposition but that means you have to fight to maintain the integrity of your movement from liberal and democratic party opportunism.
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    I can't possibly imagine why the Russian people support a leader who led the nation out of the chaos, poverty, and genocide (literally) caused by Western interference in the 1990s. "Spinning Boris: Electing a Russian president the American way" (2003)
  12. was always problematic for me. Please read why the Cincinnati group is now . An important statement.
  13. Putin annexed Crimea after US assisted coup against elected Ukrainian Government. Russian naval base fell into anti Russian territory. Annexation was response to hostile act. If US stops hostile acts there is nothing “to do” about Russia.
  14. So the UK is strong arming governments to join in the anti-Russian beat down. So predictable. New Zealand folded and it won't be the last.
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    Liberals: “Russia-linked” something did some piddly stuff to try to influence the US election! Our sovereignty’s gravest threat since Pearl Harbor! How could a foreign power do this!? Also liberals: We need regime change in Russia!
  16. Did Russia invade Iraq and kill 1million people? Turn Libya into a slave market? Are city's begging Russian oligarchs to take their public assets to build "fulfillment centers?" No, no and no. There is nothing to do about Russia except leave it alone.
  17. "It’s not hard to see the hand of the Democratic party behind the tens of millions in corporate contributions and free media accorded the March For Our Lives mobilization."
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    Replying to 
    Amazing that the Slavers still have power Even after Death. Why should the victims have to Wait on title to their Land? Slavers property rights should be Thrown out forever.
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    1. In 1993, Boris Yeltsin dismantled Russia’s democracy & used tanks to shell his own parliament: Bill Clinton compared him to Abraham Lincoln. 2. In 1996, US spin doctors helped Yeltsin win an unfair election. Later, Hollywood made a movie to celebrate. That’s why.
  20. Some black Brazilians get reparations. Good news.
  21. . You must compensate these people. Your airline did them a great injustice.
  22. Dear ., Apologies won’t do. Reimbursement and damages must be paid. Awful and racist. Just do the right thing here.
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    If the victims were poisoned at their home they were not attacked with “a military grade nerve agent” or they wouldn’t have been able to walk drive switch off both their phones go to a pub go to a restaurant before falling ill in the park many hours after leaving home.
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    Every human being capable of objectivity who reads this, *must* be able to see that the UK Government has presented no *actual evidence*, of anything, and thus is clearly making grave, unsubstantiated allegations, and is doing so driven by malevolent, self-serving intentions.
  25. “Please, please tell me now. Is there something I should know?” Just heard Duran Duran. Feeling ancient.
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    LISTEN: the Israeli embassy was CAUGHT on camera subverting British democracy, promising a million pounds to Labour MPs, threatening to bring down Govt ministers. Can we have a protest about that? Why is that embassy still open? Why are they still MPs? Why?
  27. I don’t watch these police snuff films.
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    I feel a duty to remind people that you said the killing of 500,000 Iraqi kids was “worth it.”