Thursday, April 19, 2018

Just got back from Oklahoma--Support the WSWS to help make trips like this possible

I am writing today to ask you to donate to the World Socialist Web Site.

Niles Niemuth and I just returned from a trip to Oklahoma City, made possible by the strong response from our readers to an appeal earlier this month. Thanks to your support, we were able to cover the final days of the courageous 10-day strike of Oklahoma teachers— the latest expression of working-class unrest in the United States and internationally.

Throughout the strike, the coverage by the WSWS has been unique. We warned that the unions were working systematically to shut down the strike and betray it, which they did late last week. We gave voice to the demands of rank-and-file teachers and their effort to break free from the stranglehold of these anti-working-class organizations. We conducted live-streamed interviews and other reporting, which enabled Oklahoma teachers to be heard by a national and international audience. We held a call attended by teachers throughout the country and internationally that outlined a strategy for the defense of public education and all the rights of the working class.

The trip involved significance financial costs—airfare, car rentals, accommodations, the printing of leaflets, the sending out of mass text messages. If you have donated recently to the WSWS, allow me to add my thanks to those of other WSWS writers. If you haven’t donated this month, please make as large a donation as you can.

I want to make a special appeal to our regular readers to set up a monthly donation. Increasing our regular monthly budget is critical in allowing us to plan a much more aggressive intervention in the struggles of the working class to come.

Jerry White
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