Saturday, April 21, 2018

Some Tweets from Margaret Kimberley

Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley:

  1. Corbyn said this in 2014.
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    The logical development of the new McCarthyism when like the one in the 50s when so many Black activists courageously resisted and paid a price, today again they are coming after us with the support of liberals and Eurocentric radicals.
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    Make sure to turn out on in NYC. It's going to be off the hook. DETAILS 👉🏾
  4. Funeral for old racist lady.
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    The economy is doing great. Just because your car is now a taxi cab, your house is a motel and all the new restaurants are in the back of trucks... Just know it’s doing great for someone. Here, have a hat with a slogan on it.
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    Rachel Maddow is Glenn Beck for liberals.
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    I appeared on Anoa's show and on a regular basis with Eugene Puryear's "By Any Means Necessary." Do you think we need Russia to declare that the U.S. is an international criminal state, a rogue state responsible for the most horrific abuses of human rights on the planet? Get me
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    On Wednesday when I asked for an update on Mr Thompson's case, claimed he was getting the treatment he needs. Disgracefully, two days on, he's still in the dark.
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    Genuine question - when was last time a corporate media journalist cited International law, Syria's territorial integrity & sovereignty, self determination of Syrian people. Should this not be the benchmark for their reporting?
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    After losing Congress & 100s of statewide seats, losing to Trump should’ve been Dem leaders’ rock bottom. All of us have the capacity for avoiding self-reflection to the detriment of ourselves & those around us; their avoidance of self-reflection has become a driving force.
  11. U.S. has interfered in numerous elections abroad. Can those countries sue the U.S.? No. Because of sovereign immunity. But I wish they could.
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    DNC Files Lawsuit Alleging Nation Should Never, Ever Stop Focusing On 2016 Election
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    Another thing the DNC could be sued for- failing to do their jobs by making zero substantive effort to mobilize voters. Dems lost over 1,000 seats nationally from 2008-16
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    A pathetic commentary on Democratic party.
  15. Did you know about criminal referral to DOJ naming Clinton, Comey and others? It is a bigger deal than DNC suing Russia but corporate media won’t tell you about it. But does in .
  16. Democratic voters need to sue their party for malpractice. Trump is president because of their corruption and betrayal of their voters. 2/2
  17. I hope the Russian Government responds to DNC lawsuit alleging campaign interference. In any case, this is the democrat’s substitute for presenting voters with policies they want and need. They hope to ride the horse to victory. 1/2
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    The Windrush scandal just goes to show the hatred Britain has for Black people. In WW2 the Brit govt was worried about Black American GIs fraternising with white women. In the 50s Churchill put forward the motto “Keep England White” in relation to immigration from the Caribbean.
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    No humanitarian invasion? No editorials calling for sanctions, no Security Council resolutions? Would someone explain the difference in policy and public responses because I was told I make things complicated. But it seems simple - hypocrisy!
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    If The Times and The Guardian newspapers really care about the wellbeing of Syrians, then why don’t they set forth in instructing their investigative journalists to look into the following: Who armed ISIS? Who trained ISIS? Who financed ISIS? Who bought ISIS oil?
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    This headline is a throwback to the McCarthy/HUAC era. Why haven't you asked yourselves why foreign media does a better job covering American social issues than mainstream domestic ones? does real work. Do better.
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    I wrote about 's hit piece on and the totally predictable deleterious effects of nonstop Russia panic
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    SO is so scared of Youtube news channels that they R creating a fake crisis so that youtube will now fully demonetize independent news. My show goes against the Pro Syrian War narrative being uniformly pushed by Est. news, so they smear me hard.
  24. Syria, Western Propaganda, & U.S. Imperialism I had a great conversation with Solomon Comissiong. We discussed Syria and the lies that further the imperial project.
  25. So Obama, Clinton, Cameron, Netanyahu, Erdogan, Saudi king all sent terrorists to destroy Syria. Thousands dead and displaced because of this aggression. Are any of these people war criminals? Just the man who defended his country from the invasion?
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    Hey - if you’re going to write an open letter to “Assad apologists”, why not name or quote a single one?
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    Our goal is to raise $20,000 for DNA testing by World on April 25th — 100% of your gift will pay for DNA tests for our clients seeking to prove their innocence and will be matched dollar for dollar:
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    My personal response to the unprecedented attack, underway in the media, on academics who critically analyse information that is used to justify war.
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    Damn! I forgot report. I love !
  30. My latest in . Syria and Press Propaganda.
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    Replying to 
    This is nothing but a pathetic attempt at silencing and smearing a hard working Black activist by implying nefarious intent and tying her to Russia. Ridiculous and shameful. Solidarity with
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    A McCarthyite hack uses US regime radio to smear leftist Black activists and and spread the old HUAC Cold War message