Thursday, May 03, 2018

Google & YouTube Censorship, Escalating Attacks

From journalist David DeGraw:

This may be the last email you get from me…

Despite getting record high click through rates and overwhelmingly positive feedback, people are being unsubscribed from this email list at an alarming rate.  I did a spot check, and “unsubscribed” people are saying that they did NOT unsubscribe.

On top of that, I’m hearing from people who are saying they cannot sign up for email updates or subscriptions.  I’m also getting error messages saying that subscription attempts are failing, which is devastating to my future ability to report online.

This is just part of the story…

YouTube Suppression

No one can subscribe to my new YouTube Channel, it just tricks you into thinking you are subscribed.  When you hit the “subscribe” button, it either gives you an error message or it says you are subscribed.  However, if you refresh the page, you will see that you are NOT subscribed.

Also, if you try to post a comment saying that you can't subscribe, the comment gets wrongfully blocked as spam. I just approved a bunch of them, at least the “spam” comments that I could see.

Google Censorship

On Google, my full report source link at Changemaker.Media has been REMOVED from their search results.  When you Google “War Profiteers Vs The People of the United States,” my full Changemaker Report was the first result, now it is not in any of their search results that I am aware of...  If you search for it on Duck, Duck, Go it is still the first search result on their site.

To make matters even worse, while the source Changemaker.Media link has been removed from Google, it appears to have been replaced by a new search result from a "Russian News Now" site, which has republished my report on their site, without permission, making it look like my report is from some shady looking Russian military news site!  W…T…F…???

Check this absurd screenshot here

I have much more info to share… at this rate, it looks like most of you may not be able to get these email updates.

This is all forcing me into relying on social media more, which is just pushing me further into the heart of Algorithmic Suppression.  I was gaining some traction on Facebook &Twitter, but my Facebook posts seem to have also been hit with a sudden drop in interaction.

History Repeats Itself

I’ve been dealing with all of this and more since 2010, when my website was completely blown off the internet, along with the entire ISP network that we were on, affecting hundreds of other sites.

Of course all the following 99%, Occupy, Worldwide Wave of Action ruckus didn’t help, and put me too far on the radar.  Ironically, my participation in activism was largely a result of getting censored online… had to take the news directly to the people on the streets.   

Fighting off relentless hackers had/has become a way of life, a very expensive and time consuming way of life.  I’ve done interviews in the past about, but have kept quiet about most of it.  When you talk about these issues, most people just think you are crazy.  

I’ve been laying low and off the radar for a long time, didn’t think a crackdown would come this quick. The incredible start this new report got off to was very inspiring and gave me some hope that the crackdown against me over the years had subsided a bit.

It appears that “their” response time has quickened, as many other people are experiencing varying degrees of censorship & suppression now.  The online window is closing fast...

Real journalism is dead in this country.  We don’t have any legit leadership.   The American People are seriously defenseless.

When the Department of Defense Inspector General, the Defense Finance & Accounting Service, the Government Accountability Office, and the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee all report on TRILLIONS of dollars in unaccounted for tax money, and the mainstream media doesn’t even cover it… WOW… these are very ominous times!

For the small number of you still getting these emails, please consider following me on the social accounts linked to below…

I have to consult with some people before I say more or make any moves.

Hope to be in contact with you again soon,

~ David

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