Friday, May 04, 2018

Karl Marx and May Day 2018: Tomorrow!

Socialist Equality Party

Despite thousands mobilizing in Arizona, the union has betrayed the teachers strike. The political warfare in Washington has reached a new and explosive stage. And global military spending is at a record $1.7 trillion dollars, as the ruling class rearms for a third world war.

The entire capitalist system is in crisis and the class struggle is back on the agenda. The only way forward is through the building of a revolutionary socialist leadership of the working class internationally. You must play a part in this movement.

The International May Day 2018 Online Rally will provide a socialist framework for you to get involved. Tomorrow is the 200th birthday of Karl Marx, the founder of modern scientific socialism. "Workers of the world, unite!" was Marx's famous call and it resonates powerfully today amidst the global eruption of the class struggle.
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