Saturday, May 05, 2018

Some Tweets from Margaret Kimberley

Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley:

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    I’m paraphrasing but this is what Obama said to . “I’m sorry for your loss but f**k you.” In 8 years Obama DOJ only prosecuted 2 cops. The one who killed was not one of them. He is still on the force and got overtime pay for appearing in court.
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    Happy 200th Birthday Marx. As we witness the precipitous decline of this vicious global capitalist system, you are more relevant today then a hundred years ago. But the system will not collapse on its own. The ruling class is prepared to sacrifice millions to save itself.

You can see these all over Syria, on walls and road signs and lamp posts... They're portraits of martyrs, men who died fighting the Islamic State and other Western backed rebels. Communities share them to help keep the memory alive and honor those who gave their lives...

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    £17,000,000,000 is the sum in today's money Britain gave as compensation to slave owners in the 1830s.
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    On this anniversary of the Kent state killings I learned that there were two more college shootings during that era.
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    “Unlike everybody else in the media, I have no intention of letting go of Salisbury because the international ramifications of the Salisbury poisoning affair are too grave to allow them to be pushed out of the news by a Royal Wedding, by Wimbledon or whatever else it is..”
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    Today you are seeing the establishment try and spin a stunning night for Labour as a failure - who would now be the largest party in parliament. As I recently said the media is waging a propaganda war - and it’s against the British public
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    Saudi Prince Visits Injured Yemeni Child In Hospital To Finish The Job
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    On (and every day), war is a working-class issue. Read our take 👉🏾
  7. As I said from the beginning, is in with the in crowd. She was going to be defended by the elites. Her lie was doubly stupid. She never had a reason to worry.
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    Contrast images of workers in Cuba on May 1st with the demonstrates of workers, led by women teachers in the U.S. colony of Puerto Rico and you can see why Cuba is a threat to the U.S.
  9. So terrible that . and . were pressured into canceling event. The war propagandists won’t give an inch. They know that there are people who want to hear a counter narrative. They try to stamp it out every where.
  10. . outs herself. Afraid she might have to consider other points of view. Would she have a nervous breakdown if she realized she and her colleagues are little more than Government scribes?
  11. The biggest hate group in the U.S. is law enforcement. Red necks in Nowheresville can’t hold a candle to the State.
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    On this day in 1855, William Walker (a wealthy American) led a mercenary army on a horrific campaign to conquer Nicaragua & ‘Americanize it’ by starting an English-speaking colony w/ legal slavery. Walker's campaign killed tens of thousands & left Central America devastated.
  13. More war propaganda from the Guardian.
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    After a NeoCon campaign, Leeds City Council cancels the ‘Media on Trial’ event at the City Museum on 27th May, where ex-UK Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford was one of the speakers. Whatever your view of the Syrian conflict this is another dark day for free speech in the UK.
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    opens a new front in their "propaganda war": 3 articles about , all published within 2 minutes of each other, all reinforcing the govt. position. No question of or narrative. Comments were not open on any of them.
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    Workers around the world have to demand rights where in Cuba workers come out on May 1st to celebrate rights they have already won as part of their revolutionary process.
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    Overcharging much? Prosecutors gave the world yet another demonstration of how willing they are to pile on charges, coercing conviction 'wins' via plea deals. The only 'victories' they've managed.
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    : British authorities confirm they have no suspect, Yulia Skripal vanishes, no word of Sergey Skripal