Saturday, May 19, 2018

Liar Ted Lieu

Ted Lieu is a little bitch boi who pretended to care about the Iraq War -- specifically about ending it -- when he first ran for Congress.

Once he got into Congress, bitch boi did nothing about it.

Now he's lying to attack a Democrat running for Congress: Jim Gray

Dear : You can elevate yourself, but don't attack another Dem. One reason lived in a different place is because she was serving our nation in Afghanistan & Iraq flying F-18 combat missions. Stop attacking her military service. Take your ad down.

If you don't put your hand on your groin and swear to follow veterans to the gates of hell, you're attacking them in the Democratic group VoteVets.

You'll note that VoteVets uses sexism and racism to attack veterans if they're Republicans -- but no one's ever supposed to call the jolly boys out on that.

Above they are flat out ling about Jim Gray because, well, that's what they do.

They're whores who think being vets makes them less of whores, it doesn't.

Jim Gray's commercial thanks Amy McGrath for serving -- more on that piece of work in a minute -- it calls her out for never having lived in the district until she decided to run for office a year ago.  That's carpet bagging and it has nothing to do with being a veteran.  People have always been called out for that.

The liars of VoteVets don't want you to know that.

Because they're whores who sit in dark, dank, closed rooms sniffing each others' unwashed bodies and wishing they were overseas somewhere killing people.

Considering 'poor' Amy McGrath's 'only' raised $1,133,000 for her campaign so far this year, the musky boys need not worry and can return to nuzzling one another's pube hairs.

Shame on Ted Lieu for attacking Jim Gray with a lie.

That goes to Ted's lack of character -- a quality most people living in his district are well aware of.

Flat wrong. Watch the ad.

Jim Gray did not attack her for living overseas.  He attacked her for moving to a district a year ago to run.  She has no roots or history in the district.  That is valid criticism.

It's so cute to watch VoteVets insist that they fought for 'our' freedoms -- as if the US Constitution was at risk because of Iraq? -- and claim to support free speech and then get their panties in a tight wad up their little bussies (look it up on URBAN DICTIONARY).  What a bunch of little cry babies.