Saturday, May 19, 2018

Malcolm X, Lorraine Hansberry and Ho Chi Minh were all born on May 19 (Margaret Kimberely)

Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley:

  1. I’m in a break out session about police repression in Durham NC at National Assembly for Black Liberation. Good people in the room.
  2. Malcolm X, Lorraine Hansberry and Ho Chi Minh were all born on May 19. Each one a revolutionary.
  3. The downside of social media addiction. You can’t escape news you just don’t care about. Like wedding. I’m a captive audience.
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    Never forget. This man asked people to vote on . Without defining what Brexit meant. Without carrying out any projections of consequences. All in an (unsuccessful) attempt to settle an internal Tory party feud. He then knighted all his mates and f***ed off into the sunset.
  5. So is a troll farm, not a person.
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    George Galloway: "Which other day would the British state choose to release Mr Skripal from hospital than the day when every news outlet is outside Windsor Castle?" Watch again ▼ |
  7. I’m in Durham NC at National Assembly for Black Liberation. Will post more when we reconvene tomorrow. !
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    Nato's propaganda arm Atlantic Council will 'factcheck' Facebook. These are the morons who tipped UK newspaper the Times that I am a 'Russian troll' which led to libellous smear piece. Bogus. Clueless idiots as Orwellian Ministry of Truth. Dystopian. Desolate FB
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    If people would admit that presidents Obama and Bill Clinton were also heartless tools of the wealthy, the Trump and Bush years (utterly disgusting though they are) wouldn’t be so shocking to them.
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    Why are people allowed to camp out on the streets of Windsor awaiting the Royal Wedding but those who are actually homeless have their sleeping bags ripped from them as they are moved on? Completely disgraceful.
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    Bipartisan support for Zionist brutality is criminal
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    I am sick of people saying that we're not responsible for what other countries do with the weapons we sell them. . If I sell weapons to a known murderer, knowing he plans to kill more people. I'M RESPONSIBLE. In law that's called aiding and abetting!
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    As is the Russiagate norm, the end of this story undermines it entirely: "They did not discuss the project further. In his statement to the House Intelligence Committee, Cohen said that Sater 'constantly' encouraged him to go to Russia and that he declined to make the trip."
  14. Democratic Silence on Gaza: They Own It Too “The brutal military campaigns against Gaza in 2009 and 2014 killed thousands, wounded tens of thousands and displaced hundreds of thousands with a Democrat in the White House.”
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    This week, we looked at the ugly face of racist settler-colonialism. READ 👉🏿