Saturday, July 28, 2018

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah

  • Reminder: Robert Mueller lied to Congress 15 years ago about chemical weapons in Iraq. But today we’re supposed to believe all his claims about Russia and its alleged, still-unproven interference in the US election? No, thank you.
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    All those who shed crocodile tears after claims of sarin gas attacks in Syria’s Douma, which turned out to be false, are now utterly silent after ISIS terrorists carried out one of the most gruesome massacres in Syria’s Sweida, killing over 225 innocents. Textbook hypocrisy.
  • Rand Paul: “Peace in Syria will have to involve talks at the very least between Russia and the U.S. This is why the multitude in Congress who criticized President Trump’s meeting with President Putin are an obstacle to peace in Syria.”
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    that's some world class propaganda there CBS, bravo. Have any of you mouth breathers ever wondered why a peaceful humanitarian organization would NEED rescuing? 🤔 Do you honestly believe Assad would go out of his way to hunt down and assassinate medics??
  • You know mainstream media has sunk to its absolute lowest when it would rather cover stories related to a porn star than the world’s worst humanitarian disaster in Yemen where millions are being starved to death by Saudi Arabia with full US-UK support.
  • “Julian Assange performs a function that no longer exists in the mainstream press, and he should be rewarded rather than vilified.”
  • Considering the Obama administration armed Al-Qaeda terrorists in Libya and Syria with billions of dollars in guns and heavy weapons, this really isn’t even the least bit surprising.
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    Those steeped in corruption do not fight fairly or with honour. Their weapon of choice is smear. They use this to undermine support for honest courageous citizens standing up for freedom & democracy. What they fear more than anything else is an informed public!
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    Utterly shameful silence
  • MSNBC Journalism: Porn star stories > the world’s worst humanitarian disaster in Yemen with millions of innocents starving to death thanks to US-UK-backed Saudi Arabia.
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    Every time peace seems to be returning to and life is getting back to normal we get reports of Israeli air action & further ISIS terror attacks. It seems some want to keep the fires burning in Syria for ever.
  • Horrific. In the deadliest attack in Syria in years, over 200 innocents - children, women, elderly, entire families - were killed by ISIS terrorists in Sweida today. Where is the global outrage? Or is that only reserved for unverified chemical attacks?
  • .: We are moving toward confrontation with Iran. That should worry everybody, but it should especially concern the president’s supporters. If Trump decides to go to war with Iran, it will destroy his presidency, just as the Iraq War destroyed the presidency of Bush.
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    Clinton on Gaddafi's murder: 'We came, we saw, he died.' Powell: 'there can be no doubt that Saddam Hussein has biological weapons and the capability to rapidly produce more, many more'. Albright on 500,000 Iraqi child deaths from sanctions: 'we think the price is worth it'.
  • Sanctioning 500,000 children to death in Iraq. Lying to the world about nonexistent Iraqi WMDs. Arming ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists in Libya and Syria. Entire countries and millions of innocent of lives destroyed. “Big guest stars” indeed. 🙄
  • A reunion of war criminals. How adorable.
  • “It’s well known, that the White Helmets had their hand in the most notorious false flag operations during Syria’s conflict. They acted exclusively on territories under the control of jihadist groups, staged blatant falsifications...”
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    It is symbolic that chose to flee with foreign intervention thus demonstrating their hypocrisy to the entire world. It showed whose orders they were following and who was funding them. ❗️ full statement:
  • More beautiful news from Syria: In the Valley of the Christians in Syria’s Homs, Syrians come together to restore the ancient Krak des Chevaliers which had been damaged by ISIS years ago. (Photos via )