Sunday, July 22, 2018

The US' responsibilites?


Fresh protests hit southern Iraq Sunday as medical sources said 11 demonstrators were killed in two weeks of unrest, sparked by ire over corruption and lack of public services. Security forces remained deployed around Baghdad after struggling Friday to disperse crowds of angry protesters who took to the streets.
Demonstrations have roiled swaths of southern and central Iraq since erupting in the oil-rich port city of Basra on July 8, when security forces opened fire killing one person.

KURDISTAN 24 reports, "Reporting from Basra, Kurdistan 24 correspondent Shivan Jabary spoke to several demonstrators who complained that security forces are using excessive force and detaining people merely because they are on the streets calling for their demands to be heard."  Where's the media?

Will this be the week the US media wakes up and decides to really report on what's taking place?  So far on NPR has treated the story seriously.  The laughable DEMOCRACY NOW?  One headline the whole week.  Thanks Goody Whore.  Way to be "the war and peace report."  The more millions she milks from PACIFICA, the more Amy Goodman delivers "the whore and piss report."

Lal Khan (Pakistan's DAILY TIMES) explains what has fueled the protests:

The recurring power outages and lack of clean drinking water have made life miserable for the city’s mostly working-class inhabitants during the sweltering summers. Power shortages were exacerbated this year by a drought, which significantly reduced power production at the nation’s hydroelectric dams, and by Iran’s large reduction of electricity supply for non-payment. Pervasive graft, unemployment and grossly inadequate public services have become defining features of Iraqi society since the US invasion and occupation.

Characteristics since the start of the US invasion and occupation?

Absolutely.  I'd hate to think the media silence was out of guilt and a refusal to own mistakes.

Seth J. Frantzman (DAILY INTEREST) observes, "Iraq lacks a new government two months after the elections."

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