Sunday, August 05, 2018

Why do they insist upon lying?

  1. Iraq War veteran's wife has been deported to Mexico, despite pleading with Trump to intervene.

I will never understand why some people lie.  I will especially not understand -- when there's already so much mistrust in corporate media -- journalists -- or whatever you call Lawrence O'Donnell's staff -- feel the need to lie.

She left the country and went to Mexico.  She did it on her own because she didn't want to be deported (again, she'd been deported years before).  That's why she is not in an ICE facility but is instead now in Mexico.

Joel Shannon (USA TODAY): "The wife of a Marine boarded a plane in Orlando, Florida, bound for Mexico on Friday after running out of options to stop her impending deportation."Faith Karimi and Sheena Jones (CNN): "The wife of a former US Marine tearfully said goodbye to loved ones Friday before she boarded a flight to Mexico, ending her battle to fight deportation."  She was not deported.  She left before she could be.  She's headed to a section of Mexico where other wives of US veterans (who have also been deported -- under Barack) are.

She had every right to avoid ICE and leave on her own terms.

However, if she wanted to help her cause, the thing to do would have been to be arrested.  Every network would have run with that on their evening news, what passes for news on CNN and MSNBC would have made it the top of the hour story for days.  She would have become a rallying cry.

It's her right not to be part of a larger media circus and it's her right to leave on her own terms without having to go through ICE.  But for the cause, it wasn't the right thing to do.

But she didn't care about the cause, nor did her husband.

They supported Donald Trump -- her husband voted for him.  She's not a citizen, so she better not have voted for him.  But her husband did and she supported Trump as well, as her neighbors and friends have told the media.  In my lifetime, I can't think of anyone who ran for president on a more anti-immigrant platform.  Despite being told in 2013 that she would be deported, she and her husband apparently didn't believe it.  And they weren't too concerned about what would happen to other immigrants so they supported Donald.

Well, elections have consequences.

I don't believe in deporting anyone except violent criminals.

To her and her husband, immigration rights weren't important.  I'm sorry that she was forced to leave the country but what did they think would happen after being told in 2013 that she committed a felony (returning to the US after being deported once already) and would be deported?  What did they think supporting Donald Trump would bring about?

In the end, she made a pathetic statement that she does need to be held responsible for.

It's all so wrong, what happened to her.

Not what happens, please understand, to anyone else.  Not what happens to children currently held by ICE.  Just what happened to her.

How did she and her husband support Donald Trump?  Apparently they were so self self-absorbed they couldn't think about anything else.

 That statement is not a blanket attack on Donald Trump supporters.  People can -- and should -- vote for who they want.  But an immigrant who has been told that she committed a felony by entering the country a second time and would be deported again -- that sort of person who turned around and voted for Donald Trump?  Yeah, I'm going to call you pretty stupid.

This is what she said in leaving:

My husband fought for this country three times. The administration, yourself, you think you are punishing me. You're not just punishing me.  I hope this makes him happy. And I really pray that God will forgive him.

This isn't about what your husband did.  You did not serve in the US military.  Stop trying to use that as your excuse.  You entered the US once -- without documentation -- and you were deported.  You returned after being deported -- a felony.  You broke the law.  You don't get a pass on that when you vote for Donald Trump who was very clear that he was anti-immigrant.

 Read her statement, me-me-me.  I-I.  She's self-obsessed and has no sympathy for anyone else.

That's why they could support Donald Trump despite his stance on immigration.  They thought they were special and different.

No, they're not.

And by refusing to support other immigrants, they left themselves cut off from a community that could have helped them.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, the protests continue.

  1. New protests hit southern Iraq - Arab News

  1. Protesters flooded the streets of southern Iraq again on Sunday, nearly a month into a wave of unrest over corruption and decaying public services, AFP correspondents said

  1. Mass protests continue in southern of against the political parties .


  1. Iraqis protesting since the first days of July demanding basic life services and fix the unemployment. The Govt did nothing in reality- only some promising as usual. I think will not be peaceful, as current, if thr Govt continue careless management and lying to them
  2. 's south witnesses new protests against corruption, power cuts

  1. The Iraq Report: Basra’s Fury Spreads to Baghdad as New Protests Erupt -
  2. If I’m going to die, I’m going to die historic on the fury road
  3. Protesters flood the streets of southern again, nearly a month into a wave of unrest over corruption and decaying public services.

Where are the US members of Congress speaking out for the Iraqi people?

They can defend a single person who broke the law twice but not the victims of US occupation and war?  And if you don't like the immigration laws -- and you are a member of Congress -- how about passing new ones?

14 protesters have been killed so far.  14.

Where's the concern for them?

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