Sunday, August 05, 2018


Reposting from Cindy Sheehan's website -- the events are just a few months away:


 Occupy the War Machine
Women's March on the Pentagon Proposal

It has long been the intention of WMOP to bridge the gap between the WMOP on Oct 21st and the events scheduled for November 11th by an event we were calling “Occupy the Pentagon.” (OTP)

Recently organizers of WMOP have spent time doing recon at the Pentagon, and an OTP event won’t have much visibility or impact because there is only one place we can gather and that would be in the so-called “Free Speech Zone” which is only visible from one of the vast parking lots that surround the structure.

After much thought, we have come up with an idea called, “Occupy the War Machine,” which would put WMOP activists into Metro Washington DC, which is about 90% War Machine. Each day after our 10/21 march and rally at the Pentagon, we would call for activists to meet us at a predetermined place within the Belly of the Beast to protest and raise awareness of the true costs of war.

Some ideas for meeting places on those days off the top of our heads: The White House; Capitol Hill; FBI; World Bank; The Federal Reserve; AIPAC; Raytheon; DynCorp; Council on Foreign Relations; Israeli Embassy; FBI, Embassy of Saudi Arabia. (maybe we could have solidarity vigils at some Embassies of countries who are also trying to resist US Imperialism in a show of support).

At each place, each day, (no permits needed for public sidewalks) we would call people to do the normal stuff we do at protests, but especially distribute information to passers-by.

WMOP would provide info and messaging for each day’s location, and a standard “Occupy the War Machine” sign
would be visible.

We will also begin (10/22) and end (11/10) our Occupy the War Machine protests with vigils at the Pentagon.

Our plan is to launch Occupy the War Machine (a subsidiary of Women’s March on the Pentagon) by August 1st at the latest.

Also, we were hoping by now that the veteran’s groups and other groups sponsoring the events of 11/11 would have joined us in bridging that gap and organizing for it. At this time we have had no offers to do so.

Submitted by
Cindy Sheehan
Bonnie Caracciolo
Women’s March on the Pentagon
July 18, 2018