Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Thoughts on Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin is a comedian.  When she began speaking about the Trump child, Ava and I had a problem and we called her out.  I'm referring to the press conference.  She has not brought up the child to my knowledge since.

I don't play about children.  Remember the attacks and lies about Sarah Palin's child?  I don't stand for that nonsense.  Leave kids alone -- I agree with Chelsea Clinton on that 100%.  (And I'm referring to the Trump's youngest child only..  Adults are fair game.)

As a mutual friend explained, that press conference was not what Kathy thought she was going into and she was blindsided.  I accept that.  I wish Kathy all the best. 

If you don't, that's your choice, that's your right.  You're a grown up, you don't need me or anyone else telling you what to do or what to think.

I'm speaking for me here.  I accept that Kathy is moving on and I applaud her for that.  I have no ill will towards her and hope she's able to reclaim her place in the world of comedy.  (If you're unfamiliar with her comedy, TUBI TV has several of her specials and this is a streaming service that does not require registration or that you pay a fee.)  She's made me laugh many times, she's made me roll my eyes at others and, as a comic, especially one in the Joan Rivers vein, she's doing what she should be doing. 

I do not applaud or support anyone making a point to trash her at a show or pursue her and hound her in public.  I think Maxine Waters has made herself a joke.  I think her suggestion of targeting people in the administration and their families was outrageous.  It went beyond civil discourse and everything we're supposed to believe in and that those remarks came from a member of Congress is appalling to me.  The person who is making a point to harass Kathy is offensive and, guess what, it is harassment.  She should call the police. 

Shirley and Martha said there were e-mails asking about what was going on with Kathy?  I assume the thread below is what people were talking about -- if I'm wrong, let me know. 

Kathy has every right to pursue her career, I hope we can all agree.  I know some people do not like her and I think we can all agree that if you don't like her, don't go see her.  But I do think it is harassment to show up with the intent of verbally attacking her or trying to prevent her comedy routine from taking place.

She explains what's going on in the thread below.

I do not agree with everything in the thread.  Wanda Sykes sold tickets to her fans.  Her fans did not like her act.  They made that clear.  They had every right to do so.  I disagree 100% with Kathy on that.  Wanda bombed.  That happens in comedy.  Kathy and Wanda would do well to grasp that some of their fans do not want to hear bashing of Trump -- maybe because they support or maybe because they're just tired of all the idiotic 'jokes' that aren't clever at all. As I've said before, John Mulaney is one of the few who knew how to be clever.  He was amusing and he was funny, it wasn't cheap politics passed off as humor.  I'll argue D.L. Hughley's "ya'll too" was also funny and it was funny because it was fresh and not the same nonsense that passes for comedic monologues on TV talk shows.  Wanda bombed.  That's on her.  And if Kathy bombs -- it happens -- that's on her as well. 

But there's a difference between losing the support of a group that came to see you perform and being stalked by someone who wants to prevent you from doing your show.