Saturday, November 10, 2018

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah

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    Not on mainstream media: Nearly two years after Syria’s Aleppo was liberated from jihadist terrorism, churches all over the ancient city are filled with Christians who can finally worship once again in peace.
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    My cousin, who was eight-months pregnant, was shot dead as she cradled her two-year-old daughter to sleep. The bullet also killed her two-year-old. She was killed by a terrorist sniper, armed and funded by Obama, that was specifically targeting our Syrian Christian village.
  • Trump administration to end refueling for Saudi aircraft in Yemen. An important step in the right direction. Next needs to be the end of all military support and arms sales too. Without full US backing, Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen will come to a halt.
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    This is Assad’s Syria ... far better than what the US and it’s jihadist allies wanted for that country.
  • Great news. Norway has suspended arms exports to Saudi Arabia, joining Belgium, Germany and Switzerland in taking action against Riyadh’s human rights abuses and atrocities against civilians in Yemen. When will the US, UK and France follow suit?
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    What does it say about the International Community that they are prepared to turn a blind eye to the behaviour of ? What does it say about Irish Government and EU which are both so silent on the / acts of Genocide in ?
  • Saudi Arabia, which still sits on the UN Human Rights Council, is set to execute 12 men. This is the same barbaric regime that is calling for female human rights defender Israa al-Ghomgham to be beheaded for demanding equal rights at a peaceful protest.
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    Efforts to terrorize Tucker Carlson & his family are outrageous. Politically motivated violence & threats of violence towards civilians with the purpose of terrorizing is terrorism. Such terrorism must be condemned no matter if it's coming from the left or right. It must end.
  • That awkward moment when the woman who served as Obama’s UN Ambassador and covered up Saudi Arabia’s war crimes in Yemen now feigns concern over the humanitarian catastrophe she helped create.
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    Yemen war started under her watch and she supported Saudi regime at UN. Do they think we don’t remember?
  • Millions of people have been starving to death in Yemen for years now because of Saudi Arabia’s bombs and siege, and the media largely ignored it. It took the outrage over the murder of a WaPo columnist for the same media to finally pay attention to Riyadh’s atrocities in Yemen.
  • Obama supported the CIA-backed coup that destabilized Ukraine, helping bring neo-Nazi thugs to power. Crimea, however, was not “taken” by Vladimir Putin. 97% of the Crimean people peacefully voted in a democratic referendum to rejoin Russia. 😉
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    See our latest alert: between Jan 2016 - Nov 2017, at least 113,000 Yemeni children died from preventable causes; mostly disease and malnutrition. And the death toll from the US/UK-supported war is 70,000-80,000; not the media-quoted figure of 10,000.
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    Julian Assange has been basically imprisoned for 8 years, with not a word of support from “journalists.” Get some perspective.
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    Obama spied on and prosecuted more journalists than any other president. Where were you then?
  • You didn’t seem to care too much about women of color when you spearheaded their bombing and enslavement by the jihadist terrorists who overran Libya.
  • More than 14 million people in Yemen - over half the country’s population - are suffering from starvation because of Saudi Arabia’s bombing and besiegement. The governments of the US, UK, France, Spain and others are all complicit in this genocide.
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    Media talk a huge game about "safe spaces" and respecting women. They should police their own when they witness physically aggressive and disrespectful behavior by men in their own ranks toward women.
  • Putin’s assault on Yemen’s lifeline city of Hodeida is putting the lives of dozens hospitalized children at risk. No, wait.. That’s just Saudi Arabia committing war crimes like it’s been doing since March 2015. Turn off the cameras, nothing to see here.
  • Cool. Did he address his role in enabling Saudi Arabia’s genocidal war in Yemen, empowering Al-Qaeda groups in Syria and handing over Libya to slave-selling jihadists?
  • The same George Bush who butchered and displaced millions of people after lying to the entire world about weapons of mass destruction that Iraq didn’t even have? Yeah. Let’s definitely bring back that guy. 🙄
  • Saudi Arabia continues to drop British bombs on humanitarian aid projects funded by a UK charity in Yemen — including a medical facility. Don’t count on Theresa May to condemn this though, because arms sales are more important to her than civilian lives.
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    Couldn’t agree more! Time to end the Saudi/Yemen war. The U.S. wants the Yemen war to end. Will it stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia?
  • Saudi Arabia’s Mohammad Bin Salman spent over a billion dollars on a chateau, a yacht and a painting. All while millions of children in Yemen are starving to death thanks to his barbaric regime. No words left.
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    Who provides the Saudi regime with the most weapons used to create the worst humanitarian disaster on the planet, in Yemen, and suppress its own citizens? The 2 countries that most love to issue sanctimonious lectures about freedom & human rights
  • The result of the US, UK, France, Spain & others prioritizing the profit margins of their weapons manufacturers over millions of kids in Yemen being starved to death. STOP 👏 ALL 👏 ARMS 👏 SALES 👏 AND 👏 MILITARY 👏 SUPPORT 👏 TO 👏 SAUDI ARABIA 👏 NOW
  • And when Obama sent troops to Libya for another neocon regime change intervention — turning a once prosperous country into a safe haven for terrorists who now enjoy selling human beings in open slave trade markets — it was unconstitutional and a war crime.