Saturday, December 15, 2018

Some Tweets from Margaret Kimberley

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    The Russia Investigations: An Unfinished Case Looks Weaker Than Ever
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    Its utterly remarkable that Britain's tabloids reduced the country from a regional power, with outsized diplomatic and global reach, to an incoherent, paranoiac laughing stock. Watch this video
  3. ⚡️ “He Left Home Looking For A Better Life. He Ended Up A Slave Instead.” by They left out the part about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton turning Libya into a slave state.
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    In my latest, I go through all the key details in the Cohen, Manafort, Flynn and Butina cases, and argue that they only be read as evidence of collusion by ignoring the actual facts & tacitly adopting a xenophobic view of interactions w/ Russians:
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    I haven't read Steele dossier in a while -- perhaps there's a section in there on how the Russians have komPRomat on NPR? How else to explain its Nat Sec. editor pointing out that in a case w/ zero charges or claims of collusion, the case for collusion "looks weaker than ever"?🤔
  6. Just to be clear, I posted this photo because I believe it is mocking Russophobia.
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    After an exhaustive probe, Mueller "has scrupulously avoided" any charges about campaign, or even collusion. What's more likely? 1) Mueller has uncovered a Trump-Russia conspiracy, but is "postponing a direct & public confrontation with" Trump. 2) Mueller has found nothing.
  8. I already posted this photo but I've been asked if it represents my opinions about Putin. To be clear, I believe the photo is mocking the ginned up anti-Putin mania. That is why I posted it.
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    MoA: Neocons Sabotage Trump's Trade Talks - Huawei CFO Taken Hostage To Blackmail China
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  11. I asked, sarcastically, if I could block the words "Harry and Meghan" from my mentions. And lo, some of you answered. Now I know how to block anyone or anything that I just can't deal with. Thank you twitter people!
  12. Is there a way to block the words Harry and Meghan from my twitter feed?
  13. This is the farewell kiss you dog "I spent a year in prison, three months in solitary confinement, tortured me for three days, broke my legs, teeth and nose, beatings and torture with electricity. But it's worth it💪" Give a shout out!
  14. Do you enjoy my work? Of course you do! Help a sister out during her first annual fund raising drive.
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    Trump could easily use this as a 2020 campaign ad h/t
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    BOMBSHELL! TRUMP IS DONE! (How long will media keep saying this?)
  17. Donald Trump is Finished | Super Deluxe Super Cuts Trump faces impeachable offenses (so far none related to Russia). But note the repetition of talking points. Propaganda which doesn’t address why Trump is a danger.
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    Dept. of “Justice” got gun lobbyist Mariia Butina to cop plea for what Israeli lobbyists do every day. WashPost straining desperately to connect with Russia-gate: “'Russian agent' Mariia spoke with Don Jr.!" Wow! Will others descend to this level of drivel? Joe McCarthy is back.
  19. Bombshell! Video Mashup Reveals Pathetic RussiaGate Coverage This clip of well paid media hacks predicting Trump’s demise made me laugh out loud. Also vindicated my decision not to watch them.
  20. They eventually removed it but they can’t undo this insult.
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    Three weeks ago, leaked documents showed how UK govt funds ‘independent’ bodies to covertly push UK govt anti Russia narratives and interfere in internal politics of UK allies (see above). Now many more documents leaked, and many more questions for UK govt
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    Spies running our govts! In USA: DoJ, FBI & CIA interfered with US election: In UK: Foreign Office & NATO fund org that directly interferes in the domestic politics of UK & NATO countries.
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    Anti-blackness in South Asian communities – how do we break the cycle? – ⁦
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    New on MoA: Newly Released 'Integrity Intitiative' Papers Include Proposal For A Large Disinformation Campaign
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    Former UK Ambassador Craig Murray: If we actually had a this would be the biggest story of the day. British spies run covert disinfo program to smear political opponents & plant stories in the media
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    Online Vigil 7.0 "Margaret Kimberley and Joe Lauria discuss what is behind the recent Guardian smear article re: Manafort & Assange. An assertion devoid of any evidence." Video Clip:
  27. The answer is zero. Paying porn stars and a NYC taxi medallion scam.
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    1/ The prevailing view of Maria Butina is that she is not only a spy, but that she could implicate Trump, GOP, NRA. Her plea doc shows none of this to be the case, and even abandons the most explosive of prosecutors' initial allegations.