Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Some Tweets from Sharyl Attkisson

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    Counting down to Oral Arguments in Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI for the government computer intrusions. RT if you support -- and to fight govt. overreach.

  • Oldie but goody. (And the usual propaganda suspects such as vox, salon, vaxopedia, raw story, bloggers, and more — assist.)

  • Certainly you can question one if the worlds preeminent pro-vaccine scientists in his field —who says vaccines can cause autism after all. But the govt and vaccine industry are the ones who picked him as their expert so—

  • Thanks we received the most positive feedback for any story to date—by far.

  • (Don’t be too hard on him. He’s a well known propagandist in that subculture and it’s his job.)

  • A story about how the federal govt tried to hide the fact that one of its chief vaccine experts changed his mind about potential links between vaccines and autism...and how lobbyists keep Congress from investigating.
  • Coming up Sunday— President Trump has said he plans to end America’s longest war. What’s going on there, anyway?

  • In case you missed it: we have been flooded with gratitude from viewers and scientists for our cover story on vaccines and autism—and a world renowned pro-vaccine medical expert. Find out why for yourself!

  • The usual propagandists can try to convince people to dismiss the govt/vaccine industry’s own world renowned medical expert who says vaccines can cause autism after all. People can have the info and, fortunately, make up their own minds. ;)

  • Chuck Schumer sometimes seems to look younger every day.

  • Thank you! We work hard to bring to light facts, info and views that powerful interests try to suppress.

  • Remind me of
  • This is just awesome.
  • My work is done.

  • Thank you so much! The Smear is available at most libraries if anybody missed it and is interested in the shady world of astroturf, political operatives, media control and the Smear industry!

  • I think you just accused the vaccine industry-govt pro-vaccine world renowned expert who says vaccines can cause autism after all—of a conspiracy.

  • Last Tweet for now. Dr. Healy (former head of National Institutes of Health, pro-vaccine and published on vaccines) was onto this yrs ago, about the time Dr. Zimmerman says he notified the govt. Thanks all! Interesting!
  • Scientists say it doesn't have to be either/or: susceptible children can be saved, and the rest vaccinated safely, maintaining a robust vaccine program. That way nobody has to play odds with lives.

  • Not autism susceptible children; conditions that make children susceptible to vaccine injury. Scientists say we know of several (such as TS and mitochondrial disorder) but have never studied to find the total universe.

  • Not when asked by a knowledgeable questioner. And not what some of their own experts have told them. See here:

  • (cont) if we ever get to that point, then that kind of research might be fruitful.”--CDC head of immunization safety. He also acknowledged vaccine may rarely trigger autism. Interview here:

  • (cont) He said CDC’s priorities are gaining better understanding of the pathogenesis/genetics/biology of autism. “And then, I think… it’d be more feasible to try to establish if vaccines in an individual case, say a person with a certain set of genes…(cont)

  • I asked CDC Dir. of Immunization Safety whether it was worth trying to figure out what underlying conditions put kids at risk so they can be tested in advance and, if vulnerable, spared...“That’s very difficult to do,”he told me. (Cont)

  • Since the govt hasn't embarked on studies to identify susceptible children we neither test for it or know all the possibly problematic conditions. Here's another case of vaccine damage- autism with no answer.

  • Several of you have asked about susceptibilities for children and vaccine injury. TS is one medically recognized condition that, according to medical experts, was triggered by vaccination leading to injuries including autism. You can read about it here:

  • The thing is: scientists say it's a false narrative to promote it as one or the other. It's perfectly possible to identify susceptible children, save them, and maintain a robust vaccination program. Some say it would actually help maintain and build confidence in vax program.

  • The beauty is: scientists say it does't have to be one or the other. They can determine susceptible children, save them from brain injury or death, while maintaining a robust vaccination program for others. The concept is remarkably simple and uncontroversial.

  • Latest data shows we've paid $4 billion in patient funds for vaccine injuries. Vaccine serious injuries/deaths are relatively rare & most people don't know about vaccine court where they can file, but so many are vaccinated, the numbers still add up.
  • "Vaccines can cause autism, after all in 'exceptional' cases"-- Pro-vaccine govt./vaccine industry medical expert What's worse: Sworn Affidavit says he told govt. but they covered it up & misrepresented him in vaccine court to defeat vaccine-autism claims.