Friday, August 02, 2019

Tulsi Gabbard The Betrayer

Tulsi is 'anti-war' -- air quotes for a reason.  She's betrayed her stated beliefs and the people who supported her and needs to sit her crazy ass down.

I just checked with Martha and Shirley to see how this morning's "Iraq snapshot" went over.   I figured community members would be fine with it based on Beth's polling as well as the discussion in the roundtable for the gina & krista round-robin.  They were.  Good.  If you're a community member and you do disagree but didn't express that, you can, I will read it and I will think about it and it's fine for us to disagree.

Shirley noted an angry e-mail to the public account.

BradV544@ [. . .] is enraged and we know because he tells us that at the top ("I am enraged!") by what I wrote.  He wants me to know that not only did he not like my opinion (actually, stronger than 'not like') it was "unprofessional to make that call and to support it with so little.  If you're going to say that about Tulsi" apparently all the words because he doesn't specify "you need to back it up.  You owe me that!!! You also should have talked about the Biden issue on Iraq you keep hinting at."

Oh, gee, Brad,  I'm so sorry.  I'll cut a check to refund your money and would you like a free subscription to make amends for --

Wait.  We don't do subscriptions and you've made no purchase.

What you have done is walk in on a private conversation in a public square.

Are you not pleased with what I wrote -- the amount I wrote?

You know, I'll lose sleep over that one.

Update: The surgery I was supposed to have the first Friday in July (but couldn't because my blood sugar was critical -- over 700, I don't remember now, if the number matters to you check the archive)?  I had it this morning.  I registered right after I dictated the Iraq snapshot.  I came around after surgery around 1:30 PST.  My throat is raw from the thing that went down it -- I don't do medical.  The doctor was wanting to show me photos and I waived it away, do what you need to do, don't tell me about it before or after.

So, Brad, I'm real damn sorry that you didn't get what you wanted from this free site that no one ever asked you to visit.  I don't publicize it, I don't ask for links.

Tulsi Gabbard gave Joe Biden a pass on his war support.

On the issue of Biden's  issue, let's go there.  Brad, I will grant you that my plan was to talk about it this week.  That was the plan back in July.

What happened?

The surgery was scheduled.  I had hoped to work it in this week before the surgery.

What happened?

Well my eyes are still bright red.  Why?  Because my blood sugar spiked from stress to 420 Monday night and we could not get it down until Thursday morning.  This was adjusting the amount of insulin, this was dropping to zero carbs (meat only and I'm not a big meat eater).  When not addressing that, I also had previously scheduled speaking engagements to discuss the ongoing wars.  I didn't cancel those, I made every one of them.

Now I don't write about this stuff, I don't whine about it.  It is what it is.

But I'll be damned, Brad, if I take your s**t in an e-mail -- and, yes, it was s**t, I've only quoted your nicer remarks -- because Santa Claus didn't bring you everything you wanted this year.

I've never taken a day off.  I've been here every day. Chemo treatments?  Still here.  Throwing up while I wrote, but still here.  Surgery this morning?  Still here.

If you had an argument to offer, I'd listen to it.

One argument?  Tulsi can't be herself on stage and get press attention so she sucked up to Joe to get some press and advance her campaign and if she gets in the White House she'll be Tulsi for real.

That's an argument.

Not a good one and not a new one -- we've heard that about hundreds of candidates over the years and no one ever gets stronger in office -- they all get watered down quicker than an iced Diet Coke poolside in the summer.

But there are arguments to be made -- counter arguments to mine.  And I'll listen to those arguments.

I'm not, however, going to Mommy you.  Your boo-boo is you own and someone else will have to kiss it.  I won't wipe your nose or ass either.

I owe you nothing -- especially after that e-mail.

From this morning's snapshot:

US House Rep Tulsi Gabbard, an Iraq War veteran, blew her chances on Wendesday night.  Joe Biden's personal handmaiden made that clear in the debate but for those who are a little slow to pick up on reality, she clarified even more on Thursday.  THE HILL reports:

Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) defended fellow White House contender Joe Biden after he addressed his record on the Iraq War, an issue that the former vice president faced criticism for during Wednesday’s presidential primary debate.
“He was wrong — he said he was wrong and he has apologized for it more than once,” Gabbard, an Iraq War veteran, told Hill.TV on Thursday in response to why she wasn't more critical of Biden over the issue.  

She's a whore or a moron.

When has Joe apologized?  And what did he say he was wrong on?

He's publicly stated, since declaring his run for the presidential nomination, that he doesn't regret anything, did Tulsi's oxygen challenged brain miss that?

He's offered an excuse.

He was wrong . . .

For what, Tulsi?

For voting for the Iraq War?


For supporting the Iraq War?


He says he was wrong for trusting Bully Boy Bush.

That's bulls**t and shows no ownership.

That I -- someone who believe it or not personally likes Joe Biden, I know Joe -- can hold him accountable and this little priss ass who pretends that she's opposed to these wars and they were wrong cannot hold him accountable is bulls**t.

He has not apologized for his vote.

He has not said he was wrong for the Iraq War.

He's only said he was wrong to trust Bully Boy Bush.

That's bulls**t.

Brad, Santa's leaving you a gift under the tree right now.

Joe Biden oversaw Iraq for Barack's two terms.

In 2010, the Iraqi people voted Nouri out.  Joe and Barack oversaw The Erbil Agreement which overturned the votes of the Iraqi people.  Joe went to Iraq and sold that move -- making those ridiculous remarks to Ayad Allawi and others about how this was like Ireland blah blah blah.

Brad, if you've been around for awhile, you may be saying, "Yes, you've gone over that."

Yes, I have, Brad.

Here's the thing though, Brad.

In April 2008, at an open Senate hearing, Joe discussed Nouri, discussed how the Iraqi government wasn't a real government and wasn't supported by the people.

These are his unprompted remarks.  He was a senator then and he spoke at length -- as Joe was prone to do as everyone knows.

You know it's not a real government, you know it's not supported by the people and you know Nouri's violent to the Iraqi people.

You know all that in 2008?

And yet in 2010 you overturn the votes of the Iraqi people to keep this thug in place?

F**k yeah, Joe has a hell of  a lot to answer for.

I've now spoonfed your uninformed ass, Brad.  I'm probably done with this topic.  I'm now going to take my pain medication and probably go to sleep.  Do I need to get your approval for that first, Brad?

Tulsi betrayed everyone with her remarks.

Joe Biden did much more than just vote for the Iraq War.

And if Tulsi can't talk about 2010 and how the Iraqi people were denied their voice and their 'free and fair' election, she's of no use to anyone.

She's a backstabbiing -- use whatever curse words of choice you prefer.

Forgive typos, I can't see very well currently and I'm typing this not dictating it.  I also won't come back to correct because -- as you should be able to tell -- I'm pissed off.

P.S.  The only P.S. I plan to add to this post -- not only did Joe speak freely in this hearing -- that he chaired -- he also vigorously nodded in agreement to then-Senator Russ Feingold's remarks which also spoke to the fact that no real government was in place and to thug Nouri's issues.  I believe Joe nodded most vigorously to the notion that they were being asked to acknowledge a government that didn't even exist.  That's not a direct quote, I'm too foggy from anasthetia (I have no idea how to spell that word and on plans to learn) but it was something like "you're asking us to recognize a government that doesn't really exist."  And those asking were the State Dept and the Defense Dept.

Joe trashed everything he agreed with and the Iraq people in 2010 when he took part in overturning their votes so that Nouri could have a second term.  That second term, Nouri's actions then, gave rise to ISIS.

More to the point?  Want unity in Iraq?

That's what the people voted for.  Iraqiya came out of nowhere to win the election and it won because it was about unity.  It wasn't a Shi'ite party or a Sunni party or a Kurd or whatever party.  It welcomed everyone.  It also gave Iraqi women a seat at the table and the only woman in 2010 that the Iraqi media covered regularly was Maysoon al-Damluji, the Iraqiya spokesperson.

It was about having an identity as an Iraqi and that's why the people got behind Iraqiya.

It was a step towards reconciliation.

Barack and Joe tossed that aside and destroyed Iraq with their decision.

Not to mention the lesson is gave to the Iraqi people -- your vote really doesn't matter.

Don't talk your nutty conspiracy theories about Russia stealing the 2016 US election if you can't deal with the reality that, in 2010, Barack and Joe overturned the Iraqi people's votes.