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  1. Security forces in Iraq recorded beating an unarmed protester holding his flag, this is bizarre!

  2. : video from last week shows Iraqi Police beating an unarmed protester holding the Iraqi flag!
  3. Another one. Unarmed protester shot by security forces. His name is Samir. What's happening in right now is appalling and shows that the government has absolutely no regard for their own constitution.

  4. Iraq’s top cleric wants answers on protester deaths within two weeks -
  5. video of the recent protests, it's said in , documents beating a protester in the street by Iraqi security forces. cc:
  6. 🇮🇶 GRAPHIC: footage from central shows a protester getting run over by a water cannon
  7. Smoke or gas (not sure)grenade entered the skull of a protester as the X Ray shows. neurological hospital. The gas and smoke canisters are clearly labeled with instructions to not shoot them directly at people.