Saturday, March 14, 2020

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah

Beautiful scenes out of Sicily, Italy: People sing, dance and play music from their balconies to lift spirits amid the #coronavirus quarantine. #COVID19
10:40 AM · Mar 14, 2020Twitter for iPhone
Holy moly. Massive anti-government protests in #Paris, #France today, defying #coronavirus lockdown. But barely a peep from the corporate media. #YellowVests #GiletsJaunes
9:31 AM · Mar 14, 2020Twitter for iPhone
This is scary... Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton helped bring us the illegal wars and coups in Iraq, Honduras, Libya, #Syria, Yemen and Ukraine, killing and uprooting millions. Imagine the hell they’d wreak on the world if they take over the White House.
5:09 PM · Mar 13, 2020Twitter for iPhone

The same Hillary Clinton who championed the interventions in Iraq, Libya and #Syria — all three of which killed a hell of a lot more people than the coronavirus?
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George Takei
Hillary wouldn’t have screwed this up and doomed so many.
1:44 PM · Mar 12, 2020Twitter for iPhone

I’m continuing to run for the same reason I originally began this race: to bring about a sea change in our longstanding foreign policy of carrying out regime change wars, end the new cold war & nuclear arms race, and invest the trillions wasted in such wars into the American ppl.
Why is Corporate Media trying to erase Tulsi?
8:21 AM · Mar 12, 2020Twitter Media Studio
Says the sociopathic war criminal who brought hell down upon #Libya, setting the country back decades, and leaving thousands of women, girls and their families dead, uprooted, or sold in slave markets. Keep your lectures.
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The Hill
Hillary Clinton: "Global progress depends on the progress of women and girls."
5:49 PM · Mar 11, 2020Twitter for iPhone

Tulsi Gabbard explains why the elites in Washington, and their corporate media partners, continue to erase her candidacy. Tucker Carlson: “It was meeting with Assad, which I thought was great. He did protect religious minorities, including Christians.”
11:08 PM · Mar 10, 2020Twitter for iPhone

Joe Biden is, quite simply, one of the worst Presidential candidates in modern American history.

And here we have the same Joe Biden turning his back on two veterans after they confronted him about his support for the criminal Iraq War. “Millions are dead in Iraq. We actually fought in your damn wars. You sent us to hurt civilians.”
10:24 AM · Mar 10, 2020Twitter for iPhone
Joe Biden: I didn’t believe Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons. I didn’t believe he had those weapons of mass destruction. They lied about Vietnam They lied about Afghanistan They lied about Iraq They lied about Libya and Syria And the list goes on and on
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9:47 AM · Mar 10, 2020Twitter for iPhone
Human beings are getting sold in open slave markets in Libya, thanks to your destructive intervention. That’s what you should be “highlighted” for.
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Hillary Clinton
For 72 years, @TIME named a Man of the Year. For their 100 Women of the Year project, they chose some new faces to highlight, and I’m honored to be included alongside 99 remarkable women.
4:12 PM · Mar 9, 2020Twitter for iPhone