Thursday, December 23, 2004

Happy Belated Birthday, Jane Fonda

Sue wrote again, remember, Sue?  As usual she reminds she's a "devout Christian" and then goes on to use some very non-devout Christian language and ends promising to "destroy your site!"
We don't make it a point to note birthdays on this site and might not do so this time were it not for the fact that Sue was so enraged and so determined to bully us into silence.  But regardless of the possible reasons, we're happy (and honored) to do a belated birthday post.  (Yes, Sue, your threats do not frighten us.)
Happy belated birthday, Jane Fonda!  Whether it's your work on bringing attention to the plight of the disappeared in Mexico or speaking out against the current war, we're still able to count on you.  We appreciate your fire and passion, your dedication.
Today (December 21st) you turned 67 and you show all of us that life does not end at a certain age -- instead life is a series of starts and stops as we attempt to persevere.  You've demonstrated guts and courage and you've often done that as a lonely voice -- even that did not deter you.  We can all learn from your example and strive towards forward movement and continued committment.
The photo above is via AP via New Line Productions for the forthcoming film Monster-in-Law starring yourself and Jennifer Lopez. (Melissa Moseley is the credited photographer.)  Though we missed you on the screen, it took courage to walk away and pursue another avenue.  No doubt your return to the screen will be enriched by your life experiences while you were away from the screen.
Robert Redford once said of you,  "She's like a phoenix who keeps rising from the ashes."  You once said,  "Life experience teaches you finally the survival is in yourself."  And you've demonstrated that repeatedly.  Not the FBI's illegal actions nor the right wing revisionism destroyed you.  With those things, and much more, you proved you were a survivor.
Here at Common Ills we hear a lot a voices trying to hang on to hope and to move forward.
In someone like yourself, we can find inspiration.  You also once said,  "Maybe if you are not scared, it's not interesting."  Words we can hold and embrace in these "interesting times."
But let's give the last words to something your father Henry once said,  "I'm in awe of that kid."
Happy belated birthday, Jane Fonda.

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