Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Tony, Tony, Tony

Tony, Tony, Tony -- what were you thinking?  Don't you feel the need to feel pretty?
Tony, Tony, Tony Blair!  You're with the troops!  You're in Iraq!  Don't you know that you're supposed to jazz it up?  You're pooping on the Bully Boy's party!
There's nothing wrong with a simple suit, you just jazz it up!  Wear pants that don't match!  Use a small dog as a clutch purse!  Camp it up like the Bully Boy!
But when it's time to parade in front of the troops, you play dress up!  It's fun!!!!!!!!  And if you chose the right frock, it can be slimming!!!!  (The Bully Boy chose the wrong frock!) 
Tony Blair, what were you thinking!  You look like a responsible adult.  Don't you want to play dress up like the Bully Boy?

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