Sunday, December 19, 2004

Sick day

Gina e-mailed today, "So is this a busy day or a lazy day."

It's a sick day. I, like many people, was unable to get a flu vaccination this year. Hopefully, I'm just dealing with a 24 hour flu.

This morning it was worse than it is now so hopefully it's fading.

Bob rightly pointed out that The New Yorker hasn't been highlighted on this site. The easiest response is that the issue that goes on sale Monday arrives via mail on Friday (at the earliest) for me. I don't get around to reading it until the next Monday. The other part of the answer is that I honestly haven't felt anything was tremendously noteworthy of late. They had a really good article on George S. Kaufman but I didn't really think that was something we needed to highlight here.

A lot of you wrote to say that you found at least one article worth checking out from Thursday's alternative weekly blog entry. I'll try to do one of those each week. And remember, it was Billie's e-mailing a story that led to that so if you see something that stands out, please pass it on (

Kat's Korner goes up tonight. I think you'll enjoy it. (And it will provide another entry on a night when I'm too sick to write much.) This is an issue that the site will address, reclaiming our proud, liberal art.

The plan was for Kat's Korner to go up on the night I blogged regarding Michelle Phillips of the Mamas & the Papas. Sickness prevented that. (It will be blogged on by Christmas.) The only rule for Kat's Korner is to watch the language. "Damn" was quoted (by me) in a previous post (when quoting a blogger). I don't think that word will get anyone in trouble if they view this web site at work but if you think it's a problem, let me know.

I will try to provide links (permanent ones) to Naomi Klein and Bob Somerby's web sites immediately after posting this. Other than that, I'm really too sick to do much tonight. My apologies.