Thursday, January 20, 2005

Coming Home

Choosing just one film is difficult and it can be a snapshot of where you were at the time you first saw it or at the time you selected it.

Hopefully, you're already weighing in with your own choice. (The e-mail is

My choice (and let's note that Eli came up with this topic -- thank you, Eli) would be Coming Home.

Briefly, I think the acting is amazing. My favorite scene is when Sally (Jane Fonda) and Luke (Jon Voight) are outside talking about perceptions.

I also enjoy the look of the film and the way music is so much a part of it.

The film looks at the destruction of war and how it impacts the domestic scene. The scenes in the VA hospital are very powerful.

I think it's one of the better films of the seventies and one that still has something to say today.

That's my personal choice. If you haven't weighed in when you read this, please do so. Ideally, a post would go up Friday evening, but it may be Saturday instead.

[Note, this post was written on Tuesday and saved to draft. Thursday, I'm in D.C. for the protests.]