Sunday, January 16, 2005

We welcome The Third Estate Sunday Review

I'm out of town this weekend. I will be back later Sunday. A friend's house sitting and copying and pasting what I send her onto this site. (Thank you!) (I'll also be out of town on the 20th of this week.) (We'll be using the same method then.)

A number of you have e-mailed asking whether there would be more posts Saturday. Since it's now Sunday, the answer there would be no.

My time online was limited (which is why e-mail replies will go out later today and none have been done since Friday) and I had intended to post later in the day; however, something came up.

Boo! Hiss! The community chants. Except maybe Gina who's thinking there's no Oprah moment coming. Sorry, Gina.

I am a computer idiot and cop to that freely.

However, when community members ask questions about starting their own blogs, I am willing to offer my limited knowledge.

And we have a group of community members that have their first blog.

Congratulations to Jim, Dona, Jess, Ty and Ava!

The five of them are doing a weekly blog together: The Third Estate Sunday Review (

(It should be linked to already on this site, I talked my friend through over the phone.)

This is a weekly review and I really think you'll enjoy it. So on Sundays, or later in the week, please check it out.

This week's edition has seven stories.

Dona: "We're going to try to comment on something important. This week's that Iraq and whether the troops need to come how or elections need to be postponed. We also hope to highlight the junk food the mainstream media fed you in place something that had real meaning. This week we look at what all the Prince Harry talk might have kept you from hearing.

Jim: "We're going to focus on popular culture and the arts as well. This week, we cover TV, books and music. Kat's very first Kat's Korner is reposted so if you've heard of it but missed it, you can check it out here. Or if you haven't read it in awhile and want to read it again, you can check it out. Thank you to Kat and The Common Ills for letting us run that. TV wise we ask the question "What can you do with Joey?" and in books we use Jean Rhys's writing to ask a few questions about contemporary writing."

Ava: "We were all tired on that last one. And we had a lot of help from The Common Ills, so thank you once again. We also have a post up that explains the point of The Third Estate Sunday Review and what you can expect there."

Jess: "But the must read to me is the piece on Karla who had an abortion at seventeen and took the time to talk to us about it. It wasn't easy for her but she and we are pro-choice and I think the article's something we can all be proud of."

Ty: "We have an e-mail address posted and if anyone wants to write in, we'll try to include a letter's section. Story suggestion, feel free to write in as well. And although we encourage you to share, we've made the decision that we're not going to be replying to e-mails. If there's something that needs addressing, we'll try to address it. But we discussed how The Common Ills got 397 e-mails in one day just on Congress and the Ohio voting issue and if we were lucky enough to get that kind of response and attempted to reply, we'd never be able to put together another Third Estate Sunday Review. However, so that everyone will know that there mail has been received, we've created an automated reply."

Jess: "The look of the blog took more time than anything else. We've noted musicians we like and movies we like in our profile. We hope you like The Third Estate Sunday Review but if you don't, be sure to weigh in."

Ava: "We're pretty free with the language so consider yourself warned. I know the f-word pops up at least once."

So please take a minute today to check out The Third Estate Sunday Review ( They worked very hard on it and that shows.
I think you'll enjoy it.