Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Keesha speaks to the New York Times about MLK

I want to say that the photo of the Bully Boy wrapped around Colin Powell was disgusting.
I want to say that the only thing worse was the story by Elisbeth Bumiller.
As an Afican-American woman I want you to know that the combination was disgusting.
Colin Powell does not stand for what Martin Luther King stood for.
He does not speak to what MLK spoke out for.
You trivialized and important day with your disrespectful photo and coverage.
You betrayed everything the day was supposed to stand for.
MLK stood for equality, for peace, for uplifting the poor.
You elected to make it all about the inner circles of power.
The very things that stood in his way and the very things he railed against.
You have betrayed an important man.
You have betrayed your own sense of justice.
The New York Times should be mortified that they ran Elisabeth Bumiller's hommage to the Bully Boy as a story about MLK day.
Maybe for Veteran's Day you can show the Bully Boy wrapped rubbing John McCain's head and forget what the day actually stands for?
Or maybe you just act so cavalier when it has to do with African-Americans?
MLK was not about a career politician who couldn't even stand tall against war, against race discrimination or against and an administration completely lacking in concern for the poor.
Race relations have a long way to go at your crappy paper if you honestly feel that text and that photo said anything about MLK.
I'll remember instead Coretta Scott King's brave face and the fact that you rendered her silent and elected not to write about what MLK meant or what he stood for.
As you fall to your knees to and become a suppliant for the favors of those in power, you betray the man who stood tall in his battles for social justice.
Shame on you.