Friday, January 21, 2005

The New York Times photos of the Bully Boy and Laura

In Dallas: "If no one else has said it, let me be the first. The Bully Boy looks like Cotton Hill of King of the Hill in the photo where he's dancing with Laura. He looks like an old, old man. It's amazing how quickly he's aged beyond his years. But being spiteful and ignorant obviously takes a toll. As for Laura, looking at various photos in the paper, I'm reminded of the shock I had as a child when that funny lady Carol Burnett was on TV explaining she didn't wear undergarments while wearing Bob Mackie because it interfered with the line of the garment. I'd never heard of anyone not wearing undergarments before and this was long before Sharon Stone would invite the country to be her gynecoligist in Basic Instinct. Looking at the photos of Laura in the Oscar de la Renta, I have to wonder if she's wearing undergarments. She certainly needs some sort of control top panty hose to deal with the unsightly bulge. Having neither the class nor the body of Carol Burnett, Laura desperately needs firm foundation undergarments."