Thursday, February 17, 2005

Danny Schechter's Weapons of Mass Deception (theater locations and times for this weekend)

So what's all this talk about Weapons of Mass Deception, you may be asking? You're a new member or an old member or just someone visiting, and you're wondering why this film is getting two mentions on one day.

Well besides members and myself bragging about this film, you might want to remember the New York Times' review slammed it. When the Times starts doing their gatekeeping moves, you know the film is worth seeing. Anything that turns the Grey Lady pale is something worth seeing.

But check out this review from Buffalo News Review by Mark Sommer:

"WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception" is a powerful expose that shows how TV news helped the Bush administration, and the Pentagon, manufacture consent for the Iraq war.
. . .
The Pentagon's manipulation of war coverage is examined through how it used embedded reporters to largely tell the story it wanted to get out, turning the Fourth Estate into - in the words of Gen. Tommy Franks - "the Fourth Front."
Schechter contrasts the sanitized view of the war seen by Americans with graphic depictions shown overseas, especially on Arab TV. Unlike Americans, foreigners learn about such controversial weapons in the U.S. arsenal as depleted uranium and napalm-like Mark 77 fire bombs.
The film also examines the pressure felt in TV newsrooms to appear super-patriotic and avoid tough questions of the administration.

. . .
Debate and dissent were early casualties of the TV war, Schechter says, despite millions who protested against the war before it even started.
"Mainstream media sort of ghettoizes this kind of coverage and doesn't allow it to enter into the main discourse," he said.
The film also explores allegations U.S. troops intentionally shelled non-embedded journalists on two occasions, resulting in the deaths of Arab reporters.

Note: Weapons of Mass Destruction is playing in various cities.

Bijou Art Cinemas 492 East 13th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401
Show times:
Nightly: 4:50pmFri/Sat/Sun: 11:45pm
Sat Matinee: 2:50pm
Please call to confirm times:541.686.2458

FEBRUARY 20, 2pm:
Manhattanville College:
Connie Hogarth Center for Social ActionPiusx Theater
2900 Purchase St.Purchase, NY 10577
This screening is sponsored by No War Westchester Coalition and WMD director Danny Schechter will be doing a Q&A.
WMD will be featured in the Grassroots Theatre Network's national tour!
"WMD is a tremendous film. It was our Board of Directors' first choice to be included in our Grassroots Theatre Network screenings at commercial theatres across the country. Our screenings start in Bethel, Connecticut and Larkspur, California on February 9, and continue across the country during February and March. Supporters interested in seeing the film can inquire at to check for additional venues." -- Dr. Sandy Martin, founder of the Grassroots Theatre Network
. . .

February 23
San FranciscoThe Landmark Bridge Theatre
Reception at 6:45.
Film at 7:15.
Film will be introduced by Professor John McManus of

Information about the film, interviews with Danny Schechter and reviews of the film can be found at the Weapons of Mass Deception web site.