Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Tyrone Highlights Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for Black History Month

Tyrone: I was surprised that no one had highlighted MLK yet for Black History Month and before I attempted to, I e-mailed the site to make sure there wasn't one waiting. When I started the research, I saw why. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lived a very exciting, very detailed life and overwhelming was what I was feeling when I looked at the notes I had already taken and realized he wasn't even thirty yet in what I'd researched.

So I thought about that and about how key events are probably known and how sometimes we can get so lost in the facts that we forget the person. So I decided to write my impressions and I hope it gets to how important Dr. King is and remains.

- yes, you were
A flower in a field
- of all colors
- you held
A movement you built
- by being true.

A dreamer
- yes, you were
For better for all
- colors and creeds
- your call
Spoke what you saw
- always being true.

- you addressed
Peace at hand
- you prayed for
- you were
Leader, hero, man
- always being true.

Shot down
- yet you live on
A beacon shining
- even in darkest times
- even now
We will march on
- your legacy.