Monday, February 14, 2005

Two corrections and new policy

I'm going to try to correct a post tonight. Arthur Miller died on Thursday. Laura Flanders spoke of that on Saturday night. I saw the story on Yahoo Friday during my ten or so minutes of online time (crazy at work) mid-day and it wasn't yet an hour old. Obviously, I didn't read it closely. Saturday night ended up being about going through the ethics policy of the Times and Sunday was post-polloza.
I will try to go back tonight and correct my very obvious mistake but realizing that for people who've already read Friday's post, I wanted to note that in a current post.
I'll also say that while helping The Third Estate Sunday Review, I thought Bob Somerby's name was mispelled. It isn't. It's Bob Somerby. I'm sure that I've referred to him as Bob Somersby somewhere (and more than likely, quite often). My apologies for that. (Bob Somerby, of course, is the brains and talent behind The Daily Howler.)
Lastly, new policy note.
I lost a post I worked on for an hour and a half this morning. When it failed to post with an error message and the back button did not retrieve the post, I ended up rearranging my work schedule. That's not something I care to do (and it was crazy playing catch up). So should it happen again, just a head's up, I'll probably just head on out the door without a morning post.
(The smart thing to do in the future, and to have done this morning, was to have posted a long post in bits and pieces -- or even tried saving to draft -- I'll try to do that in the future.)
(I'll also note, Laura Flanders was a co-host on Morning Sedition this morning and was, no surprise, wonderful. The lost post contained links to the BBC and The Guardian on Iraq and some in depth criticism of the Times no-news day. Losing that is irritating to me. But what really bothered me -- and still does -- is that the quotes from Flanders and commentary on what a wonderful job she did are lost. There's always more than enough going on to push us forward and onto another issue. So indulge me here and let me note that Laura Flanders was amazing this morning. And let me note to that as with election night, when she was commenting midnight and then carried us on up to Morning Sedition, she was doing more than her share because it was something like eight hours between when she finished up on The Laura Flanders Show and went on air early Monday morning.)