Monday, February 14, 2005

No real news in the Times today

Air kisses to Margaret Spelling. Marriage proposals on the front page. Sanger's stuck on fluff patrol.
We'll note other articles later today. (Sorry, a post was lost in posting.)
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Erika sent in an article by James Gordon Meek from yesterday's New York Daily News:

Military lawyers at the Guantanamo Bay terrorist prison tried to stop inhumane interrogations, but were ignored by senior Pentagon officials, the Daily News has learned.
Judge advocates - uniformed legal advisers known as JAGs who were assigned to a secret war crimes task force - repeatedly objected to aggressive interrogations by a separate intelligence unit at Camp Delta, where Taliban and Al Qaeda suspects have been jailed since January 2002.
But Pentagon officials "didn't think this was a big deal, so they just ignored the JAGs," a senior military source said.
The military lawyers' actions had never been disclosed and are the first known cases of lower-level officers resisting interrogations at the Cuban camp that might constitute torture. Some officials called them "unsung heroes" for risking their careers by crossing senior officials who approved the techniques.

And at BuzzFlash, Laura Flanders has a commentary adapted from Saturday's show worth reading:

They call it Bush's budget, but a better word would be hit list. Who's on it? Teens and kids.
Bush's '06 budget calls for cuts in emergency medical services for children, cuts in K-12 education funding, cuts in vocational education and likely, Head Start. There are food-stamp cuts and a five-year freeze on child care. A $41 million college loan program is eliminated. The whole National Youth Sports Program, which has provided athletics for low income kids is cut, as in cut out.
Saturday's New York Times fronts a frightening story about a new aggressive strain of HIV that may relate to methamphetamine use. (The first case has shown up in a homosexual man who had a lot of unsafe sex on crystal meth.) What's on W's budget chopping block? Programs that combat meth use and unsafe sex. Bush's budget shrinks the methamephetamine "hot spots" program by 60 percent. It would zero out the Safe and Drug Free Schools program which provides money to reduce drug use and violence among youth.

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