Sunday, February 27, 2005

General Note

First off, the post on this morning's Times is now lost. A weak ass version will be redone shortly.
At the start of that entry, I noted we'd move quickly.

Will move even more quickly this time.

For those wondering why there are only two posts yesterday, briefly.

Visiting a friend yesterday afternoon, the casing of their gas heater (which comes to about nose level on me) came loose and began falling towards their two year old. I rushed over to stop it with my hand and burned my right hand (including finger tips). I've got burns and bubbles all over it. (And don't think I'm not an asshole or that I did anything noble, I didn't realize I'd be burning it when I rushed to grab it.)

It is nearly impossible to type. (Which is why the entry I just finished -- and lost in the posting phase -- took three hours to type.)

Hoped for transcriptions of Bill Scher (Liberal Oasis) and Mark Karlin (BuzzFlash)'s appearences two weeks ago on Air America (The Majority Report and The Laura Flanders Show respectively) will now not be happening. If I'm able to do additional posts, I will.

I will create a much briefer version of the Times post that just got lost but don't expect much today.