Monday, February 28, 2005

Kat's Korner and tomorrow's posts (actually later today)

First off, Kat did post her latest Kat's Korner under the time she started working on it. It's entitled "Kat's Korner: Tori releases The Beekeeper and the sexists come swarming" so scroll down on click on the link.

I'll be up in three hours and 13 minutes to start the day. Depending on the way the hand feels (specifically the finger tips) we may focus on one or two stories in the New York Times only. (But barring an electric blackout, something will go up.)

Two of the blisters (on finger tips) have popped and presumably all will have popped by tomorrow evening so expect the usual amount of posts tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow is also the last day of Black History Month. Tuesday begins Women's History Month.
For that we'll do shorter entries because I'm looking at a number of e-mails (35) that members have written saying they worked and worked on a post for Black History Month but couldn't come up with an essay. An essay is welcome, but not necessary.

If something lengthy is intimidating to you, then you keep it brief. And we'll make that the norm for Women's History Month if possible. If anyone wants to write something lengthy, have at it.
But otherwise, we'll just note each day.

I'm sorry too because I'm coming across a lot of comments about how the Julian Bond entry set the "bar high." That was a cutting from various sources and probably not worthy of Bond or your time (I did that entry; I'd never insult a member's contribution) to read it.

But the goal will be a line or two. If someone goes longer, great. But we'll shoot for a few lines.
[The e-mail address is]

A lot of nice e-mails came in regarding my burn. Thank you for that but again, don't take it as proof that I'm not the asshole Frank in Orlando long suspected (and alleged). When I reached for the falling metal casing, I wasn't even thinking that it might be hot. But thank you for your kind words.