Thursday, March 03, 2005

Nightline alert: Vermont's town meetings are one of the topics tonight

Brad wants everyone to have a heads up that tonight (Thursday) on Nightline, one of the topics will be what's going on in Vermont. From Nightline's e-mail:

For those of us who don't live in Vermont, there's that picture-perfect image that comes to mind. The sweeping, snow-covered hills, pine trees with a fresh sprinkle of powder and a log cabin with a roaring fireplace. You can't get more American than that. But that's just a postcard. There is real pain underneath that veneer. Vermont is losing its young men and women to the war in Iraq like every other state in the nation. The difference is that per capita, they've lost the most. Their National Guard units have been hit very hard and tonight, you'll watch an exercise in democracy as Vermonters decide to try to do something about it.

Democracy is the big buzzword these days. [. . .] Vermont's annual town meetings this week are the perfect example. Citizens hold them across the state to discuss everything from potholes to this year's hottest topic: The war in Iraq and the soldiers they've lost. Correspondent Mike Cerre was at a few of the meetings and came away with a really interesting slice of American democracy at work.

[Nightline airs on ABC, after prime time programming, so check your local listings for time.]