Monday, May 16, 2005

5 from BuzzFlash

We're grabbing five headlines from BuzzFlash today to demonstrate why you should make a point to check in with that site.

1) Right Wing Corporation for Public Broadcasting Chariman Now is Taking Steps to Make NPR a Subsidiary of the Bush Propaganda Machine. And Who Says the Comparisons to the Busheviks, Rove and Goebbels Were Over the Top? At Media Reform Conference, Bill Moyers Revealed Tomlinson Paid a Consultant $10,000 to Watch "Now" and Report Anything Considered Liberal Bias Back to Tomlinson. That's Our Money He's Wasting in His Totalitarian Efforts. Now Ombudsman, Like Soviet Minders, Will Watch Over NPR. Fascism Creeps Up on You, Doesn't It? Until One Day You Realize the Line Has Been Crossed and Democracy is Dead. We Are All Frogs Just Slowly Being Boiled Into a One-Party Franco/Stalin Style State.

2) Bill Moyers Stands Up for a Press That Enriches Democracy, Not Weakens It, at Conference for Media Reform in St. Louis. He Blasts CPB Chairman Tomlinson for Trying to Turn PBS Into Taxpayer Funded FOX News.

3) Dahr "Unembedded" Jamail says the military is lying about "foreign fighters" in Al-Qaim: "it doesn't look good in the press to admit that they are fighting Iraqis who are fighting for their independence" 5/16

4) DailyKos: A roundup of other sources for Quran-down-the-John claims. Has Newsweek retreated from integrity at the drop of a U.S. official's hat? 5/16

5) Where's the news that's fit to print? 5/15

And we'll note this exclusive to BuzzFlash article Sibel Edmonds tells BuzzFlash she's "gagged, But not dead."

I'm rushing this morning, sorry. We'll note a BuzzFlash premium that we haven't noted before,
DVD: "Sunset Story," The Highly Recommended Documentary About Two Activists (Ages 81 and 95) Who Advocate and Agitate Till Their Last Breath. Remember, Your Purchase Keeps the BuzzFlash Dream Alive and GROWING!

For those who missed it, yes, at some point when I can grab time to study it, we will try to automatically offer BuzzFlash headlines here. For now, make use of the permalink on the left. (And, this entry today.)

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