Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Laura Flanders Show: Sat.: Lou Dubose, Susan Lerner, Maria Blanca and Chocolate Genius; Sun.: Barbara Olshansky, Yanar Mohammed, Isabel Allende...

Here's the lineup for Laura Flanders' shows Saturday and Sunday on Air America Radio this weekend:

Saturday 7-10pm est
Politics are boiling over in Washington, but where are the people in the this picture? What's at stake as Republicans target the press, the courts and Iraqi civilians? Then what could appointing Patricia Owen and Janice Rogers Brown to the federal bench mean for you? Ace Texas journalist Lou Dubose on one victim of Texas Supreme Court Associate Justice Priscilla Owen. Susan Lerner, founder of the Los Angeles based Committee on Judicial Independence and Maria Blanca, executive director of Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area on California Supreme Court Associate Justice Janice Rogers Brown. Finally, alt-pop music pioneer Chocolate Genius joins Laura in the studio to talk about his next album, Real Music, which will be released later this year, amongst other things.

Sunday 7-10pm est
What are the next unintended consequences of W's war in Iraq? What are the implications at home and abroad? Yanar Mohammed, founder of the Organization for Women's Freedom in Iraq on the latest news from the region. Then, abuses in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay don't stop with soldiers desecrating the Koran, but start there. An update on the news beyond Newsweek's
apology with Barbara Olshansky Deputy Legal Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights and others. Finally, author Isabel Allende on her remarkable works tying the past, present and future together and new book, "Zorro: A Novel." Also, an update from Ruth Robertson on plans by the ‘Raging Grannies’ to stop Wal Mart running military recruitment videos in stores on Memorial Day Weekend.

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