Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ruth's Morning Edition Report

Ruth: The Diane Rehm Show broadcast a very important story yesterday.

10:00 Corporation for Public Broadcasting
The CPB is reportedly reviewing public radio and television programs for political bias and has said that funding for national news programs may be reduced. CPB board chair Kenneth Tomlinson joins Diane to discuss what's ahead for public television and radio.
Kenneth Tomlinson, chair, Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Listen carefully as Mr. Tomlinson dismissed questions Rehm's asks. Listen as he tries to interrupt as she reads an e-mail from a listener. Listen as he dismisses the listener's opinion while he speaks at the same time about how important it is to listen to listeners. It's obvious that he only wants to listen to one listener. He characterizes the "fight" between himself and Bill Moyers as FOOD not "lewd."
Blame it on an old woman's hearing, but "food fight," not "lewd fight."

Mr. Tomlinson dances around repeatedly and embarrasses himself. If you're concerned about the future of NPR and Mr. Tomlinson's attempts to destroy NPR, I would urge members to listen to this broadcast.

I've tried to find an amusing way to discuss this and even spoke with my granddaughter but it just upsets me too much. Praise goes to Diane for her defense of listeners and of NPR and PBS and for her to the point questions.