Saturday, May 21, 2005

Weekend schedule for Air America (guests include Whoopi Goldberg, Chris Bell, Judi Shils, Mark Jacobson)

From Air America's home page, here's "This Weekend On Air America Radio:"


So What Else is News?
Marty Kaplan takes the pulse of Dr. Dean's First 100 Days as DNC chair in a special edition of So What Else Is News. Guests include Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, 2006 democratichopefuls Chris Bell, Nick Lampson and Christine Cegelis, plus a handful of behind-the-scenes power brokers.

Ring of Fire
McDonald's, Wendy's, and Burger King must now comply with audits that benefit both the animals and the workers. Why? The work of autisic scientist and animal lover Temple Grandin. Bobby Kennedy goes to the source for more info.Justice, justice shalt thou pursue. Should progressives be so worried about preserving "judicial independence"? Mike Papantonio talks with Nathan Newman, director of Agenda for Justice, who argues that the federal courts aren't worth fighting for, because they have consistently ruled against social justice and democratic change. Plus, some "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man."

The Laura Flanders Show
Laura delivers her latest insights and interviews as she breaks news throughout the weekend.

Kyle Jason
This Sunday, Kyle will be covering the rat packճ influence on music and racial equality. Australian actress Lenore Zann will be performing songs from her woman show,"The Marilyn Tapes," a Broadway-style tribute to Marilyn Monroe.


Betsy looks at the ugly side of the beauty industry with Judi Shils, one of the leaders in the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Just as we once assumed that all ingredients in processed and fast food "must" be healthy or they wouldn't be allowed to sell it to us, we are know learning that some chemicals found in personal care products from make-up to shampoo to deodorant can be carcinogenic or harmful to reproductive health. Betsy continues to "face" facts with Kat James, author of "The Truth About Beauty".

Polically Direct
David Bender interviews Whoopi Goldberg.

So What Else Is News? and Ring of Fire repeat their Saturday episodes on Sunday. The Laura Flanders Show follows them with a new episode.

The Revolution Starts Now
Last week Judy Collins was on the show. Coming up this Sunday, Mark Jacobson, a writer for New York Magazine.

I've rearranged the listings so that they reflect the order the shows air in. Click on the links to find information. Remember that if you do not have satellite radio or if there's not a radio station in your area that carries Air America over the airwaves, you can listen to the programs online via Real Player or Windows Media. (And, to answer Tina's question, you can listen for free. There is no charge.)

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