Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Laura Flanders Show: Judith De Sarno, Martin Mubanga, William Schulz, Carl Hancock Rux, Vivian Chang, Van Jones, David Balduc, Kris Kleindienst

Yes, we always try to give The Laura Flanders Show its own entry. That's because members love this show regardless of whether they identify with the Democratic Party, the Green Party, another third party, or just identify "left." For three hours on Saturday and three hours on Sunday, radio veteran, journalist (FAIR, The Nation, and author, Flanders anchors a program that's diversity boggles the mind. (Folding Star has written of what you can learn about someone from the book shelves. I'm picturing Flander's bookshelves filled and overflowing with fiction and nonfiction of every kind.)

If you haven't checked out The Laura Flanders Show, here's a description from the show's "about page" at Air America's web site.

The Laura Flanders Show cuts through the news and events of the week to find out how the actions of our politicians affect us and asks, what can we do to make a change? Past guests include Hugh Masekela, Danny Glover, Jimmy Breslin, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Isabel Allende, Eve Ensler, Nile Rodgers and Angelique Kidjo. Her book BUSHWOMEN; Tales of a Cynical Species, which came out in paperback in April 2005 was a New York Times Bestseller.

To that I'll add that the only program on which I've heard community favorite Matthew Rothschild (editor of The Progressive) was The Laura Flanders Show. (Note, not all Air America programs feature guests regularly. Note also, that when the vanishing of Lizz Winstead happened, my need to listen to Air America nonstop vanished as well. I'll listen
If you are in an area, one of sixty-four, that has a station providing Air America programming and you don't have satellite radio (XM Satellite Radio - ch. 167
Sirius Satellite Radio - ch. 144), remember that you can listen to The Laura Flanders Show and other Air America programming online via real player or windows media player.

Here's what's coming up on The Laura Flanders Show:

Saturday, June 4: Is Deep Throat really a hero? Will W. keep a lid on John Bolton's spy secrets? Will Planned Parenthood of Indiana reveal its youngest clients? Where do you draw the line on keeping secrets and respecting privacy?
Judith DeSarno,
National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association President, on eroding privacy rights. Ex-Guantanamo prisoner Martin Mubanga, answers your questions. Amnesty International USA Executive Director Dr. William Schulz replies to the White House's attack on AI's report condeming US torture tactics in the war on terrorism. Finally, award-winning poet and performer Carl Hancock Rux, on dealing with war and other themes his book "Asphalt," now in paperback and music from his latest CD, "Apothecary Rx."
Sunday, June 5: When are U.S. allies expendable, according to the Bush mob? Kenya refused to shield US troops from international court, so W. yanked $1.2 billion in military aid. What's the White House afraid of?And as the U.N. celebrates World Environment Day in San Francisco, what's your personal impact? We measure our ecological footprints and talk to two activists from the urban environmental justice movement, Vivian Chang, of the Asian-Pacific Environmental Network, and Van Jones, of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Oakland, CA.Finally, The 2005 Book Expo is in New York City, so we talk to David Balduc of Boulder Books and Kris Kleindienst, co-owner of Left Bank Books in St Louis, MO, about the latest and greatest books and book trends.

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