Saturday, June 04, 2005

Ten headlines from BuzzFlash aka some of what you're missing if you're not visiting BuzzFlash

Here are ten headlines from BuzzFlash.

"Calling George W. Bush a hypocrite is like calling a thief a criminal. It's just plain redundant." Oh Why Don't We Just Make Him the GOP Hypocrite of the Millennium? Presenting, Once Again, Our BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week, George W. Bush.

Robert Parry: The Real Lessons of Watergate 6/4

Bush, Cheney and the Pentagon Should be Tried for Treason for This: Pentagon Now Confirms the Quran Was Abused in a Variety of Ways, Including Urinating on It. When Will the Criminal Liars in the White House be Held Accountable, Prosecuted and Placed in Jail for Deceiving the American Public, Falsely Accusing the Media, and Putting America's National Security at Grave Risk? When? 6/4

Kerry To Raise Downing Street Memo 6/3

Open Letter to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, A BuzzFlash Contribution

Corrente: Using Peggy Noonan's logic, the Republicans deserve the blame for the Sept. 11 attacks 6/3

Kay Bailey Hutchison, the NRA and Character -- Ms. Smith Goes to Washington

Minneapolis Star Tribune, After Being First Big Paper to Call Bush a Liar in An Editorial, Becomes First to Publish the Smoking Gun Downing Street Memo that Confirms Bush Fixed Intelligence to Manipulate the U.S. Into War 6/3

Barbara's Daily BuzzFlash Minute

Freedom of Religion -- Editorial Cartoon by Tony Peyser

Are you visiting BuzzFlash? There are no fees (though you can make a donation or buy a premium), no sign up forms, no selling of your information to spammers . . . There are links to important stories and strong original content.

Some day, I will figure out how to add BuzzFlash headlines here. But each month when I think, "Next month" everything goes nuts yet again (not unlike this week with two last minute trips).

I'll also note that Shirley Smith's piece above was almost linked to this morning but time ran out and I had to postpone that. However, Brenda had e-mailed to highlight that.

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