Monday, July 18, 2005

Amy Goodman in Chicago July 23; NYC July 24th

The Un-embed the Media Tour goes on:

* Amy Goodman
in Chicago, IL:
Sat, July 23
*TIME: 12:30-2 PM
ILCA's 50th Anniversary Convention
Chicago City Centre Holiday Inn
300 East Ohio Street
To register for this conference, visit

* Amy Goodman
in New York, NY:
Sun, July 24
*TIME: 2:30 PM
Books at the Piera benefit for Books Through Bars
Panel discussion:
"The Media, Incarceration and Public Policy - Is There A Connection?"
Frying Pan/Pier 63
New York City
For directions, visit
For more information, call: 888-999-6761

And note that tomorrow (Tuesday's) Democracy Now! plans to feature Seymour Hersh discussing his latest article in The New Yorker.

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