Monday, July 18, 2005

G8 and "Iraq's top Shia cleric warns of 'genocidal war'" (Patrick Cockburn)

Alicia raises the issue that "we keep hearing about Live8 distracting from G8 but not a lot about the G8 protests." Good point.

I'd recommend Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army's "G8 2005, Gleneagles: Repression, Resistance and Clowns" (IMC):

All over Scotland, (dis)organisations as varied as the grassroots network dissent! and the largely conservative coalition "make poverty history" protested against the 2005 G8 summit in Gleneagles. The reasons were as varied as the forms to express disagreement, from marching to blockading, from clowning to filming, from talking to direct action. Although police from all over the UK were busy containing protesters in pens, arresting, searching and holding them under section 60, discontent with the G8 agenda was voiced in many significant places and eventually supported by international solidarity. [Read the full article for summaries on issues, actions, timelines, repression and resistance in Scotland from Saturday 2 July to Friday 8 July.
] The protests began the previous weekend with the
Make Poverty History demonstration in Edinburgh with about 200,000 people in white t-shirts. [Full list of reports]. The following day, there were demonstrations in Glasgow on the theme of Make Borders History highlighting the racist asylum and immigration politics of the G8 and other states in closing their borders to people escaping poverty and political persecution, and the start of three counter-conferences in Edinburgh.Monday, thousands of protesters drew attention to the nuclear arms possessed by the UK government by blockading the entrances into Faslane nuclear submarine facility. A Carnival of Full Enjoyment, in Edinburgh, was called on the same day to resist the daily grind of the institutions that plunge us into overwork, poverty and debt. Instead, it became quickly dubbed the Carnival for Full Policing as events in the city showed how fast a place can be turned into a temporary police state. Protesters, media and bystanders were cordonned-in for hours as Forward Intelligence Teams (FIT) roamed the city, stopping and searching people under section 60 for no obvious reason. The city of Edinburgh came to a stand-still as shoppers and tourists mixed with protestors facing lines of (riot) police and the ever present Clowns.On the Tuesday, activists protested at the Dungavel Detention Centre event though all detainees had been evacuted from it.

In addition, the above article and day by day breakdowns of the protests can be found at this page at UK Indymedia.

Lynda's e-mailed to note Patrick Cockburn's "Iraq's top Shia cleric warns of 'genocidal war'" (The Independent):

The slaughter of hundreds of civilians by suicide bombers shows that a "genocidal war" is threatening Iraq, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the country's most influential Shia cleric, warned yesterday.
So far he has persuaded most of his followers not to respond in kind against the Sunni, from whom the bombers are drawn, despite repeated massacres of Shia. But sectarian divisions between Shia and Sunni are deepening across Iraq after the killing of 18 children in the district of New Baghdad last week and the death of 98 people caught by the explosion of a gas tanker in the market town of Musayyib. Many who died were visiting a Shia mosque.

(Remember Patrick Cockburn was interviewed on Democracy Now! today. If you missed it, it's watch, listen and/or read.)

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