Sunday, July 17, 2005

FYI for the community

FYI, the plan for today is at least one entry on things being reporting from around the world.

In addition to that, a visitor has e-mailed to note that David Cay Johnston's (author and New York Times reporter) has had his name mispelled twice here.

Actually, it's been more than twice. I frequently leave out the "t" in Johnston but thanks to heads up from members like Shirley, I've caught some of those. In a quick glance over the last two hours, I've found "David Kay Johnston" appearing twice in a November entry. That will be corrected this evening. But I'm having a hard time believing a visitor would write in about a November entry yesterday. So I'm sure that my mistake occurs elsewhere. I've looked through (quick scan) last week's entry and don't see a mistake there.

If any member knows of another mistake on Johnston's name (I'm not asking anyone to go through the archives), please e-mail and steer me towards it.

Credit does matter. Typos abound at this site and always will. But names should be spelled correctly. Certainly if an entry had "the Bullie Boy," I would want to correct it. (That was a joke.)

If anyone sees an error in the spelling of a person's proper name, please drop a note when you see it.

For the record, it's David Cay Johnston. That's the only proper spelling. My apologies for the errors. (Watch, I'll have mispelled it. While attempting to correct the spelling of another Times reporter, I only made it worse.)

Isaiah is finishing his vacation. (Mid-week.) For those not clear, this is a vacation from work. A long overdue one from what Isaiah notes. Mid-week as the e-mails continued to come in praising his last The World Today Just Nuts, I told him that since it was still applicable, there'd be no problem rerunning it for this Sunday. (And members have been asking that it be repeated.) Isaiah took me up on the offer and I'm sure we all hope he's had a good rest and enjoyable vacation.

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