Friday, July 22, 2005

NYT: "Pentagon Proposes Rise in Age Limit for Recruits" (Damien Cave)

With the Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard all on pace to fall short of their recruitment goals for the year, the military is reconsidering its age limits for recruits.
Allowing older soldiers could be costly in terms of benefits, and there is the thorny issue of whether older men and women can keep up with the young. But many in the military argue that 40-somethings are in better physical shape today and point out that thousands of middle-age soldiers are already rotating through Iraq.
On Monday, the Pentagon filed documents asking Congress to increase the maximum age for military recruits to 42, in all branches of the service. Now, the limit is 39 for people without previous military service who want to enlist in the reserves and the National Guard, and 35 for those seeking active duty.

The above is from Damien Cave's "Pentagon Proposes Rise in Age Limit for Recruits" in this morning's New York Times.

Mike addressed this issue Wednesday:

We are a country at war and for those who still don't get it, let's take a look at CounterRecruiter today:
The Defense Department has asked Congress to raise the age limit for military recruits from 35 to 42. According to a report from the Army Times, this is one of a series of what defense department officials are calling "urgent wartime support initiatives."
Still think it's not serious? They want to add seven years to the age limit. When's the draft coming?

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