Saturday, February 25, 2006

RadioNation with Laura Flanders: In South Dakota, Kate Looby, Lynn Patrow, Richard Goldstein, Charon Asetoyer, Terry Allen, Jordan Flaherty ...

Kat here. Giving you the heads up to RadioNation with Laura Flanders. Laura's in South Dakota this weekend on the Purple tour to demonstrate how we're not "red" states or "blue" states but a varied nation that has a variety in every state, in every county, in every city and town.

RadioNation with Laura Flanders
This Weekend:
Do progressives need a new strategy in the culture wars?
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From South Dakota, Planned Parenthood's state director Kate Looby, Lynn Patrow of National Advocates for Pregnant Women and Charon Asetoyer of the Native American Women's Health Education Resource Center on what's next and what's needed as the nation's cruelest abortion ban awaits the governor's pen.

Then, from the Chicago suburbs, Democratic congressional candidate Christine Cegelis on her grassroots primary campaign.
Plus an Oscar preview with the Nation's culture-watcher Richard Goldstein.
And a media roundtable with New Orleanian Jordan Flaherty and "Information Is Power" reporter Terry Allen.
If you missed last weekend's live broadcast from Nevada, a one-hour version is available here:
It's all on RadioNation with Laura Flanders this weekend on Air America Radio.

So make a point to listen. Laura always gives you plenty to think about. Not just in the show's opening but throughout. (The opening's are my favorite part, they're where Laura comments on the week past and the week coming up.)