Monday, September 01, 2008

It's neither your news nor business

We aren't interested in your smutty writings.

For some reason, that's not been clear.

We did not note a governor's problems that led to his step down, we don't do that stuff here. We also don't go after someone's children here.

At Third, Ava and I don't even critique the acting of the under 18 in a TV piece. That's why, though we wanted to review the final episode of Malcolm in the Middle, we didn't. We neither praise children nor stay silent. If we allowed praise, when we were silent the implicit understanding would be that there must be some problem with the child's acting since we didn't mention it. Early on, we dealt with the bad writing of a sitcom scene that involved adults and children. Focused only on the writing of the dialogue, we were still advised that a child could see that differently. Absolutely. We don't even walk it up to that line anymore.

Yet despite the above, despite the ignoring of one 'sex scandal!' article after another that people have sent in trying to have highlighted this year, I go into the public account and there are seven people asking that their 'news' article be highlighted.

An underage woman who is pregnant is not your news. It's not even your damn business.

A child is not a pawn to score a point. Going after a child is not an 'election strategy.'

All you've done is demonstrate a huge lack of understanding and decency.

The child deserves her privacy and you're bad writing full of puns and ha-has and 'I guess that tells us all we need to know . . .' It doesn't tell you s**t. And I'd love to how many of the ones writing about it were born to married parents and were born at nine months or later after their parents were married.

Generally speaking, the first to point the finger is usually someone with their own cluttered closet.

It is not anybody's damn business. It's not their business what happens, it's not their business what's pursued. ____ is not the poster girl for you to splash all your issues on.

She is a young woman, not even an adult, who has done nothing to be in the public eye.

Her getting pregnant is neither shocking nor revolutionary.

None of us would be breathing right now if someone hadn't given birth to us. That required -- hate to shock you -- first getting pregnant.

Proving that you don't have to be a man to be a sexist, the most vile piece sent in is written by a woman. Yeah, Red Annie's back.

Red Annie who tried to smear Hillary, attacked her for what her husband did or didn't do, wrote her little sick fantasies about Hillary's sex life, is going after ___ and she's "just posted this at my blog." You run to the gutter if you want. Splash around in there. Don't think any of us have to join you or that we want to join you.

It really is amazing to see this Closeted Communist flaunt how she herself (a mature woman, to put it mildly) will use anything she can to elect a Democrat.

I would prefer we never talk about it. If she goes public with an interview on TV, Ava and I will have to consider grabbing it and for the reason that so many are now gunning for that woman. Otherwise, we could just ignore it the way it needs to be ignored.

____ is not asking anyone to vote for her, has not asked anyone to vote for her. She is not an adult. She has not tried to be a public person.

I'm not going back into the public account tonight. I can't believe this crap.

We did not cover the 'scandal' around ____ this summer here. (Nor did I participate in writing a word on that scandal at Third.) We did not cover the non-news out of New York State that all the trashy types (including Amy Goodman) tried to pass off as news. We have never been interested in that topic.

If a 'straight' gay-bashing person is revealed to be gay, that's the only time we're interested. And we're only interested because s/he has made life harder for others by voting against LGBT rights, by campaigning against them, whatever.

Keep your crap out of the public account.

I'm not interested.

And you can add to that, a first pregnancy has built-in difficulties for all women regardless of age. The body is making adjustments. I wouldn't be making pregnancy 'jokes' about a 40-year-old woman, I certainly wouldn't make them about a young girl.

Unless you are her or the father-to-be, it's not really your primary business. Unless you are a friend or family member of the parents-to-be, it's not even your secondary business.

You need to butt the hell out. You're supposedly a grown up. The young woman is not even an adult. But you're supposedly grown up. So what's your excuse for your behavior because kids try things, kids test their strengths, they test their decision making and sometimes it works out wonderfully and sometimes it doesn't. And that's all part of growing up and it doesn't need to be 'reported' on or 'analyzed'.

The attitude that you're going to help Barack by shaming this young girl is disgusting. You don't know what the future holds for her and her child nor does she. How dare you try to stamp your tawdry version of events on her.

All of you who e-mailed are nothing but gossips with no scruples and probably a very crowded closet of your own. You have nothing to be proud of or any high ground to stand on. You're trying to publicly shame this young girl when you are the ones who should be ashamed. And 'scoring' a 'win' for Barack via smut only further adds to the perception that he has nothing to run on and no qualifications. Why else would you be tearing into a young girl?

You really need to look in the mirror and examine your own actions.

The e-mail address for this site is and it is not for sex 'scandals' or pseudo-morality. Don't even send that garbage in.