Sunday, August 31, 2008

No, the man e-mailing wasn't sincere

Yesterday, I addressed an e-mail appealing for Gutter Trash.

I did that here and without revealing his name because, although he seemed sincere in the e-mail, it was also true that he had posted at Gutter Trash's site and joined in the trashing of me. I had started out responding to him privately. (I didn't even acknowledge it was "he" in the public post yesterday, nor did Ava.) But Ava stopped me and said, "Call ____" (my attorney). I did and told him why I was responding privately and giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was sincere and, having just learned of what had happened, I thought it was nice of him to write. My attorney said he wasn't being nice and that he had posted at Gutter Trash during their Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday . . . . More than once, it was explained to me, he posted there.

So he's taken part in it, early on, at Gutter Trash's site and wants to play on Saturday morning like he's just learned of it? Did he ever post in his comments at Gutter Trash that what she was doing might hurt the "organization"? No.

He only had that concern when I learned what happened and began responding.

He didn't get a private response because it was highly likely that he was insincere and that any e-mail I sent him would end up posted at Gutter Trash's site.

If there were any question of that, he cleared it up by posting his public comment at another site (not Gutter Trash).

It wasn't a private communication he was interested in or he wouldn't have now posted at another site.

To his credit (whether he's sincere or I just shamed him into doing it by noting his concerns didn't include my children's suffering), he makes some sort of statement (I'm told "mealy-mouthed") about their suffering.

He then wants to some offer some advice that maybe I shouldn't have posted about it to begin with.

That's a cute re-working of the whole thing, isn't it?

My oldest son gets a call about what's up at Gutter Trash's site which is why I confirm to him that, yes, the cancer is back. My daughter and younger son have to hear about it over the phone from me (not in person) because I can't risk them hearing about it the way their brother did.

Now that's all Thursday afternoon/evening.

By that point, I hadn't posted a damn thing here.

After it's out, I do post it here. It is my life and I'll be damned if it's commented on elsewhere by others and I'm going to be silent.

The post ignores everything Gutter Trash did. No surprise.

He can go public with his e-mail, I don't care. On the minor chance that it was sincere, he got a reply but only up here. It was very likely he was insincere (and his actions now prove that he was) and that a private reply would have ended up posted at Gutter Trash's site.

Oh, yeah, "Gutter Trash." Poor Gutter Trash, I call her Gutter Trash. And I call her a coward.
That's what he writes. I'm so mean.

Mean? I'm a mother pissed off. And keep blogging and keep dreaming that a court would see it differently.

The three kids who learned their mother had cancer because of Gutter Trash's actions or Gutter Trash, who do you think the jury would side with? The three children with respectable lives or the woman trying to become a citizen? Trying to become a citizen because George W. Bush is in the White House and she will not be an American anymore?

There is on sympathy for her. She launched a week long attack.

She posted and commented at her posts for four working days before I responded Thursday evening. No one's going to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Unlike me, she didn't create names. Unlike here, where some are puzzled (which is why the Friday snapshot included my noting that it wasn't ____ because some visitors were confused and wrongly concluding that ___ was the "organization"), she's been very clear in her trashing.

The man is too vested in Gutter Trash to either see it clearly or care. But his attempt at public relations damage won't help her a damn bit.

Read Third later, we walk you through.

Gutter Trash wanted attention and pulled her stunt. Few read her so she got away with it on Monday and amplified it each day subsequently.

When we found out, I responded and I will continue to respond. Nothing will ever take away my my children having to be told over the phone.

The woman is Gutter Trash and not only do some feel that way about her now, most Americans don't think highly of her either. That's not just the right-wing that laughs at people like her ("I'm leaving if Bush is in the White House!"). That's also the left which made a point rejecting that logic with many "I choose to stay and fight" essays and posts in 2004. That's before you get to all the attacks on America she's left at websites. And those attacks don't instill confidence for her in the country she wants to be part of now. She's not a refugee. She's had no suffering at the hands of the American government. She didn't like the election results so she decided to renounce her citizenship.

That never looks good.

There is no problem with anyone falling in love with another country and moving there to become a citizen. There is no problem with anyone suffering persecution leaving a country for another. But renouncing your citizenship to the country you were born in because you don't like the results of an election? Packing up everything to move to another country because of an election?

No, it doesn't look good. It doesn't look good to the left, it doesn't look good to the right, it doesn't look good to the center.

It plays like some self-created high drama.

And when you then, as she has repeatedly, spew hatred at the United States online, you may think that looks good to the country you're trying to become a citizen of, but it actually looks like: "Well what election are we going to have that pisses her off and makes her leave us and start attacking us?"

The "organization" never should have used her as a representative.

As more and more learn of her, less and less support is there for the "organization." That's not learn of what she did to my children. When that comes out, it'll be even worse for the organization. That's as Americans learn that an "organization" they think might be worthwhile and might be helping people find out all the hate she's spewed at America online, they won't want anything to do with it. They won't want to donate or take part in any actions.

In fact, a number of US left outlets would have to ignore that organization because they don't want the right-wing smear of "America haters! You hate this country!"

Especially in an election year when they have become so tied to Barack's campaign and when Barack has had to wear a flag lapel pin to silence questions that he loves his country.

With Gutter Trash, it's all about Gutter Trash.

Instead of seeing Bully Boy's remaining in the White House until January 2009 as a time to roll up the sleeves and work, she saw it only terms of her ('I can't stand him! I don't want to be an American citizen anymore!'). That takes a lot of self-drama.

As Gutter Trash demonstrated repeatedly last week, she loves being a Drama Queen.

Thank you to the man for posting. It confirmed that he was never sincere. It's confirmed by his not noting (in his post) that he left comments at Gutter Trash siding with her trashing of me. It's confirmed by his not noting any of the attacks on us (right-winger was only one of the many charges she made against us).

Marci e-mailed with one point she wanted made clear. What Gutter Trash did to Rebecca and Mike in 2007 is evident in what Gutter Trash does online at her site. She e-mailed them these supposedly sweet e-mails and when she got a reply she let her true nasty self show. As Marci points out, Gutter Trash tries to play it a little more high minded ("though not high minded") in her actual posts and then unleashes her real attacks in the comments.

Marci is correct. That is a good way of explaining what Gutter Trash did to Mike and Rebecca. Read the posts (but soften them) as her initial e-mail, read all the comments she leaves to her own posts as her subsequent e-mails. Or, she tries to sound semi-rational in her posts and then lets her derangement really shine through in her comments.

Funniest e-mails are from Canadian members who have started a betting pool on how long before election so enrages Gutter Trash that she decides it's time to pick yet another country to call home?