Saturday, August 30, 2008

Public reply so everyone sees it posted here first!

I've got an e-mail from someone who is not getting a private response.

For someone who claims "respect" for me or this site or whatever, my attorney advises me that was not evident in statements he made elsewhere. (I've never read Gutter Trash's week long bashing of me.) He is combing over everything.

If the treatments do not work, I will most likely be suing. (And my attorney has already made copies of everything up at Gutter Trash.)

That will be my last act to ensure that the pain and suffering Gutter Trash has caused my children does not go unpunished.

I'd love to write you but I can't write you. You left comments at that site. I'm told those comments were not nice about me.

For anyone late to the party . . .

Gutter Trash pulled stunts with Mike and Rebecca over a year ago.

The way she works is she e-mails with a compliment, gets a reply from you and then begins some screaming match with you over what she once complimented you on but really wanted to disagree with you over in the first place.

When that took place and I learned of it, Gutter Trash was not linked by this site again. She has not been linked to since 2007 (no loss) and her name has not appeared here since then. And that is: Her name has not appeared since then to this day.

The e-mail this morning makes a laughable claim. The idea that I've taken something public is a laugh.

Gutter Trash e-mailed this site earlier in the week. (Monday, I believe.) Jess saw the e-mail and knew how Gutter Trash worked. He also wasn't in the mood for lectures from her let alone the abuse she tossed out at Rebecca. He also knew about my cancer and wasn't in the mood for Gutter Trash's uninformed bickering/dickering over details for that reason.

But she was writing on behalf of the "organization." So Jess e-mailed her back and told her if she had an event or news to pass on, e-mail, otherwise leave us alone.

She didn't do that. She immediately posted Jess' e-mail. No one knew that on this end.

All that was known on our end was that she then clogged up the public account (24980 unread e-mails, 556 in Spam which may or may not be spam are the current total for all e-mails currently in the inbox of the public account and we'll have to go through the spam folder as well -- we do not have time for anyone clogging up that account) in screeching at Jess repeatedly the next day. Then she wrote a 'nice' e-mail.

Dona was on public account duty that day. She didn't have time for it. But she saw Gutter Trash's nonsense and repeated Jess on why to e-mail the public account (news or events) and went on to try to reach the nut job by explaining what happens on our end and how we do not have time for the crap Gutter Trash already pulled with Mike and Rebecca.

Dona sends that e-mail and it gets posted as well (uknown to any of us). And Dona's insulted all over the blog for being "wordy." Dona went through everything to try to tell a nut job when an e-mail from her organization was needed and when it wasn't.

Gutter Trash still isn't done. We're now on Wednesday, I believe. She's still e-mailing the public account and clogging it up with all her bulls**t.

Jim's had it with her by now. He's the one who pulled public e-mail account duty. (And please note, the bulk who read the e-mails here were on the private accounts because with Hillary not getting the nomination, not getting a roll call, we knew ahead of time that needed to be the focus.) He e-mails her back and, being Jim, he writes the shortest e-mail possible.

So she posts that as well. (She posted Dona's if I didn't mention that.)

Now throughout her posts and her comments she, and her goon squad, are trashing me.

I've never written the woman before in my life. I've never spoken to her.

I didn't publicly call out the stunt she pulled on Rebecca or on Mike.

So let's not pretend she's the innocent party.

Read her trashy comments about me and remember I've never said a negative word about her in public. Not even like I am now where I just call her "Gutter Trash" and don't use her real name.

My oldest son gets drug into it because someone outside of her freak squad finally sees what's she's doing and sees Dona's sentence about my spending a week on medical exams. He calls my son to ask if the cancer is back? My children did not know (by my choice -- it is my life) about the exams. They were going to find out what was what this weekend, face to face. That didn't happen. Instead, because of Gutter Trash, I had to confirm to my oldest that the cancer was back and then call my two youngest and break the news over the phone to them before they heard something the way my eldest had.

That was not fun.

That was not delightful.

It was very painful for them.

I do not take their suffering lightly.

Gutter Trash found that so amusing (and this really pisses my daughter off) that she then went on to write about that and continue her insults and add little jabs like (I've been told) "wow!"

I think any sane person would take offense at Gutter Trash writing about my cancer and including little jabs.

That's not all that's happened.

As legally advised to do so, I contacted the organization Thursday to see if Gutter Trash was indeed their representative and, if so, asked them to address the situation.

I received a reply stating she was (from the head of the organization) and nothing was done except to pass on my 'concerns.'

Under legal advice, I wrote again on Friday to say the e-mails needed to be taken down from Gutter Trash's site.

I received no reply.

But, pay attention, my e-mails to the "organization" are now dicussed by Gutter Trash at her site. Her own personal site.

If you don't see the problem with that, you're crazy.

If the Red Cross has some staffer who is a loon and decides to post e-mails she receives while presenting herself as a Red Cross staffer and you complain to them what would happen? I know what would happen because I made a point to call everyone I could on Friday to ask. The person would be told to pull them down from her private site and would be told she was no longer part of the organization. Why? It's a public relations disaster.

Now that's the Red Cross. They help people in need and people who don't need to hide their need before they get to the Red Cross.

This 'organization' allegedly helps people in need including people circumventing US law.

How much faith will there be in the 'organization' from people who might consider asking for help? Not a whole hell of lot if it's known that Gutter Trash is posting private e-mails (to her as their representive) online or talking about e-mails coming into the organization -- talking about them at her private site.

The e-mail sent here this morning has "public debate" in the title.

Until Thursday night, I hadn't said anything about this because I didn't know anything about this until late Thursday afternoon.

If you're concerned that a "public debate" on this issue might hurt the "organization," you're a little late to the party, aren't you?

Gutter Trash started it and she started it on Monday.

You should know that because you posted to her site.

You never posted a word at her site about concerns over a "public debate" according to my attorney.

With me, this morning, you're concerned?

I didn't initiate this.

I didn't start it.

I was drug into it and it was going on for days before any of us on our end knew about it.

If you were concerned about the "public debate" nature, you could have stopped everything that had happened at any point before Thursday afternoon. You could have sent the e-mail you sent to me today to Gutter Trash. You could have made the case you attempt in your e-mail about larger purposes.

It's too late for that now. And you certainly have no right to show up in the inbox making that request of me after all my children been put through.

That is what I've focused on, my children.

And I find it really offensive that in your e-mail calling for a truce*, you don't even acknowledge them.

[*I don't know what the e-mails calling for. It's a 'Can't we all get along' type vibe.]

You want it to end?

It hasn't even started yet.

Jim, Dona and Jess have not had the chance to publicly reply. Third Estate Sunday Review posts on Sunday, hence the title. Truest statement from last week (still up at the top right now) might be of interest to you.

Jim, Dona and Jess held off because they were hoping the e-mails would be taken down.

They never should have gone up. And why don't you ask Gutter Trash why they went up?

I'm told her defense is Jess said mean things to her so she felt she could violate the law and post them.

Would she like to then explain why she posted Mike's e-mail from over a year ago? Posted it without his permission. (Click here for Mike's comments on that.) It's funny that you never pointed that out to Gutter Trash -- nor did anyone commenting at her site. That's when Gutter Trash exposed herself yet again as a liar but you're all so busy lapping up her lies that you didn't bother to notice that.

All it would have taken was one of you to say, "Hey, Gutter Trash. You stated you weren't sure about posting Jess' e-mail but then you felt you had the right to because you thought he was mean. And yet, now you've posted an e-mail by this guy Mike and his e-mail isn't mean at all, even you don't think so. Did you get Mike's permission?"

You should be afraid of a public debate because my focus has been on my children and everyone on our end, community wide, has been in a holding position. My children's attitude is now known: Nail Gutter Trash to the wall. In other words, no one has to hold back.

I woke up Thursday morning and did what I usually do. By the afternoon, these days of abuse that had taken place online were dumped in my lap. Except for the plane ride back today, I haven't slept a wink since. I was up all night Thursday, I was up all night Friday. I didn't sleep during the day. I didn't grab a nap.

You say you're concerned about the 'public nature.'

That's something to address with Gutter Trash.

And it's something you should have addressed with her long ago.

Had you done that, you would have had no reason to e-mail me now. She trashed me for how many days before you got 'concerned'? Oh, that's right, you only got concerned when it turned out I wouldn't just be silent and let her s**t all over my kids' lives.

Now I'm goig to be upset at what was done to Dona, Jess and Jim at some point. I love them. But they aren't my kids. I'm not even sure what I feel on my own about what was done so I haven't had time to think about what Dona, Jess, Jim or Mike are going through. My kids have been my first priority and focus.

My kids aren't mentioned once in your e-mail so it is very easy (before we take into account whatever you posted about me at Gutter Trash's site) for me not to be at all concerned about what interests you.

My kids didn't do a damn thing to anyone and they're the ones who suffered.

Before you next try to offer advice, here's some for you: What she did hurt my children very deeply. I do not allow that. I do not forget that. Any request to me for anything starts off badly when it refuses to acknowledge their suffering.

I think your e-mail is suspect and will not reply to it privately.

Why should I?

So she can post it too?

More laughs?

It's cute the way your second paragraph begins. Read that to yourself. Read it to yourself and grasp that I know you posted comments to her site before I ever found out what she was doing. So don't try to pull an 'I just discovered' with me.

It's not only dishonest, it lies about your own part in all of this.

You knew what was going on. If you wanted to stop it, you could have done so a long time ago. If you'd acted like the adult you seem to be in your e-mail you sent at 8:57 a.m. this morning, none of this would have happened and my children wouldn't be hurt.

So, excuse me, but yeah, you owe my kids an apology. At the very least when you decide to e-mail the public account, you need to include "I'm sorry about your kids." This implication that you just discovered what was going on makes your entire e-mail suspect.

It looks like you're trying to do damage control. For Gutter Trash, for yourself, for the 'organization,' I don't know.

And I don't really care because, again, any points you make about the value of the 'organization' and how it might be hurt by all of this are points you should have made to Gutter Trash when she launched her week long attack. Day after day. You said nothing.

Excuse me, I'm told you said a few things. I understand you left comments.

You didn't call her out. You didn't tell her, "Hey, this could hurt the 'organization,' stop it." You took part in the trashing, you backed her up.

And now you want to show up, days later, asking me to please think about the 'organization'?

She was told to take down those e-mails.

You might want to look at those e-mails really closely because their being up hurts war resisters. You might want to try reading them from that view and not from the view of "Ha ha lets attack Dona, Jim, Jess and C.I." If you read from that perspective, forget my health information, you'll see they need to come down.

I'll be kind and not clarify that in public at this point.

"Solidarity"? My solidarity is with my children.

That's a concept your own parents understand but there's nothing in your e-mail that indicates you grasp that. So setting aside the suspect nature of your e-mail (due to your having taken part in a public trashing of me, actively posted there and refused to call for her to do whatever you're calling for me to do now), the fact that you refuse to either grasp or acknowledge that basic fact (one widely noted here already) only makes me doubt your sincerity. I wish that wasn't the case but that's how it is.

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