Thursday, August 28, 2008

When C.I.'s right, she's right (Ava)

Ava here.

Well C.I. never fails to call them.

Yet again, C.I. is correct. No sooner does "The Cancer Snapshot" go up then guess who shows up in the e-mails?

Yeah, the bitch. And I don't toss that word around lightly.

But I use it for ___ because I had to stand next to C.I. while she called her children and told them about the cancer.

C.I. was too kind to call her that word here but I'm not kind, as anyone can tell you.

So C.I. predicted ___ would play the victim and noted ___ was a COWARD.

C.I. can always call it.

____ couldn't write herself.

She had her partner write for her.

Now you might think, "She's outed someone as having cancer. She's done that publicly and online. So surely, she and her chump are going to mention somewhere in their 7K e-mail, 'Oops' if not 'I'm sorry'," right?

Oh, you just don't know the drama queens.

It's all about them.

Here's the cover story the two-some have devised. It wasn't ____. It was some nasty troll posing as her.

Did the nasty troll also hijack ___'s blog? That is where she posted. I checked, it's still up.

So the nasty troll wrote us.

And somehow the nasty troll cursed us and cussed us and it wasn't ___. But, golly, ___ got a hold of the e-mail replies Jess, Jim and Dona sent out -- somehow! -- and managed to post them to her site, now didn't she?

How f--king stupid are they?

How stupid do they think we are?

I'm not stupid enough to write her or her chump back.

Why would I?

She's already posted my boyfriend's e-mail, Dona's e-mail and Jim's e-mail.

Does she really think I'm going to reply after that?

Does she also think I have "stupid" tattooed on my ass?

Here's where it stands right now. Jim wants us to tackle this at Third and to name names. C.I. doesn't want to give that bitch (my term for ___) any publicity because she clearly craves publicity.

If that's C.I.'s wish, then that's what will happen.

Despite the fact that C.I. never wrote her, she launched an attack on C.I. She's the reason C.I. had to call her kids and tell them the cancer was back and she's the reason that we are all wiped out tonight. C.I.'s still on the phone with Elaine.

I saw that disgusting, 'poor little old me' e-mail and we're not playing that game.

We're calling her out every time she or her chump write.

And at some point, C.I.'s going to reach the limit and C.I.'s going to name the bitch and name the organization.

It's not a secret. It's still online. Every community member knows who it is and I address it in the roundtable for the gina & krista round-robin (which may already be sent out).

___ wants pity (via her chump) because life is just so hard for her. But she's still got her s--t posted online.

But it's not her, remember, it's a nasty troll who impersonates her.

Does such a great job, that she even can get on ___'s blog and post there.

Is so all powerful that this nasty troll managed to get Jess, Jim and Dona's e-mails.

That's really cute story, isn't it? How Jess breaks it down for her. (Jess knew for any who are wondering, C.I. told me I could Jess about the cancer if I had to but no one else, I did tell Jess and that's part of the reason assholes e-mailing to us with useless gripes are now getting from Jess the kind of e-mails I can toss off while getting a manicure.) Jess breaks it down for her and poor little victim ___ is just so upset. Then the next day, for no reason at all, Dona's e-mailing her and being so mean to her. And then, still for nor reason on her part, Jim's e-mailing her the day after.

Yeah, we really have time to do three replies to one damn e-mail.

No, reality, she e-mailed repeatedly. Over and over and over. She would not go away.

Dona wrote the e-mail to her because she thought if she covered it all, ___ would grasp that we don't have the time for her nonsense and she would stop e-mailing. She e-mailed us non-stop. She only got three responses.

She was rude, she was abusive and she was foul mouthed. But she leaves all that out at her site.

Just like, while repeatedly e-mailing here, she leaves out the fact that she's posting any reply she can scare up.

Again, the word is BITCH.

It's really cute, as I was just saying in an e-mail (not to her), how she's the spokesperson for a group that allegedly wants to help war resisters and she's publishing e-mails. I'm sure that would really build confidence in the organization for anyone thinking of resisting.

Somewhere in this country, Pam or Paul is thinking of resisting and wanting to e-mail an organization about what to do to get to Canada. And now they have to worry that an organization's spokesperson might turn around and post their e-mail online.

Or maybe ___ would just forward it to their base commander.

That's some training they put their spokesperson through, don't you agree?

I'm not an idiot.

No troll impersonated her.

No troll wrote lengthy posts (not comments, posts) at her blog.

She is responsible for her actions and she and her partner can invent whatever little pity story they want, they can tell any lie they want, but they will always be GUTTER TRASH.

It takes a lot of nerve to do what she did.

It takes a lot of nerve to hide out all day and refuse to take accountability for your actions but then, minutes after C.I.'s posted what went down, show up with yet another e-mail that never says, "I'm sorry." One that rushes right into, 'someone's been impersonating her. There's this nasty troll trying to make her sound racist. It's not her."

Bullf--king s--t.

Kiss my Latina ass, you dumb f--king COWARD.

Too cowardly to stay in the US after Bully Boy gets into the White House. 'Gotta run and flee the country! Oh, can't take it!'

And too cowardly to even get out an "I'm sorry" or "Oops."

Kiss my Latina ass, you stupid, stupid COWARD.

And for those late to the party, she is not a war resister. War resisters are not cowards. Taking a stand is not cowardly. But someone not liking an election's result deciding to go and hide in another country -- basically saying, "Screw my own country and the people in it! I'm pissed and taking my marbles with me!" -- is nothing but a coward.

I saw C.I. get through the worst day today. She never buckled. She didn't cry on the phone with the kids. She stayed strong. We then had two more groups to speak to. And you never would have known anything was wrong. C.I. didn't break a sweat, didn't flinch, didn't cry. That's courage and that's strength. All ___ has to offer is more cowardice and more excuses.

Tonight it's some troll impersonated her!

Who knows what tomorrow's new told lie (nod to Hair) will be?

Not buying your garbage, drama queen. You will live with what you did.